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Norway, home of Norlys

Norway is a land of extremes. It shares its 13 degrees of spanned latitude with harsh areas such as Alaska, Greenland, and Siberia, and although its climate is more forgiving than those places you still might experience temperatures ranging from 30°C in the summer to -40°C in the winter. In Europe this amplitude is remarkable.

Equally astonishing, especially through British eyes, is Norway’s wild seasonal variation in daylight hours. Above the Arctic Circle this ranges from constant daylight, known as ‘midnight sun’, to unremitting 24-hour darkness, depending on the month. In southern Norway this is diluted to around 4 hours of darkness or light during longest and shortest days. Little wonder then that Oslo-headquartered company excels in the manufacture of exterior lighting. The designs of Norlys’ lighting are influenced by the challenging diversity of Scandinavian climate and geography..

Choice of the professional

You only have to look at Norlys’ background to begin to comprehend why they’re the choice of the professional designer or specifier when it comes to choosing outdoor lights. Their understanding for the effects of various harsh environments and ability to respond with materials and products of outstanding quality make them a market-leader.  A commitment to using the best raw materials, and to stylish yet functional design, lends credence to Norlys that is difficult for peers to match. Their range of products is hallmarked by outstanding beauty and durability.

Material choices

Norlys are uncompromising in their choice of manufacturing materials. They produce a large range of galvanised steel and copper products using a zinc alloy to provide comprehensive protection against even the harshest of elements. Other fittings are produced in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Single-piece polycarbonate lenses are frequently used in light fittings at up to 4mm in thickness, which protects formidably against damage by either the elements or mankind!

Powder-coated and painted aluminium and steel products are subjected to a high level multi-stage surface pre-treatment to ensure robust resistance to corrosion.  Norlys use a closely-monitored chemical process and even employ in-house chemists in one of the most exacting and advanced light manufacturing systems in Europe.

Product Ranges

Named after Scandinavian places or European cities, Norlys’ ranges are cosmopolitan in their wide-ranging scope, and they’re sold across more than 20 countries. If you’re looking for an exterior lighting scheme for a business premises or the home, Norlys are sure to have the perfect product to suit any environment.  There are a great many ranges to choose from, including Paris, Roma,Stockholm,Glasgow, and of course,Oslo. Some of the more recent additions include Asker,Voss,Valencia and Geneve.

Spotlight on two best-selling ranges

Both very individual and yet derived from that famous Norwegian flair for style, practicality, and sheer quality, the following are a couple of Lyco’s best-selling Norlys ranges:


The Lund range, which is named after a city in southern Sweden, features a simple and elegant contemporary design. The availability of a galvanised steel finish means you can turn to the Lund range for lighting a coastal property. A black painted steel version is also available, with a 15-year anti-corrosion guarantee supplied with either finish.


Named after Germany’s biggest port and second-biggest city, the Hamburg range is a stunning range of circular outdoor wall lights, available in a variety of finishes. These are tough lights manufactured from cast aluminium, and fitted with vandal-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Having undergone a rigorous 9-stage pre-painting surface treatment to ensure longevity, the Hamburg also comes with a reassuring 25-year anti-corrosion guarantee.

Buy with confidence

Underpinned by an incredibly rigorous manufacturing process, Norlys offer long 15-year and 25-year anti-corrosion guarantees on their products, which leaves other external lighting manufacturers in their wake. Usually you’ll find exterior lights are guaranteed for 1 to 5 years.  Founded in Norway in 1992, and hailing from a country that is the EU’s main source of primary aluminium, Norlys have set up an incredible ISO 9001 accredited factory in Europe. Their production capability includes aluminium die casting, cast finishing, surface treatment, machining, and tooling.

Whether you’re a specifier or end-user, you can choose from the Norlys ranges with complete peace of mind. There’s no false economy or façade; if you want uncompromising quality and outdoor luminaires that are fit for purpose, choose Norlys.

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