Creating great outdoor feature lighting

Calling all bar managers, hotel owners and electricians! Are you or your clients looking to add that little bit of pizzazz to summer parties? Look no further than Lyco, the place where you’ll find the best in outdoor feature lights. From programmable solar powered LED fairy lights to LED flexi strips, you’ll find an abundance of choice whenever you want to light up a party or show off outdoor features.

Party Lighting

Everbright solar fairy lights let you easily install stunning light displays that will captivate your guests. These vibrant LEDs are controllable with eight different lighting modes: alternating, chasing, fast flash, slow flash, pulsing, fast flicker, combination, and constant. Free to run with up to 10 hours of use from a full charge, they’ll keep party-goers entertained throughout the night. Wrap them around posts, pillars or trees to produce great effects.

For sheer versatility you could look at our 5 metre LED Linkable Flexi strips. These wonderful outdoor lights have an IP65 rating, which proves their dust-tight and water-resistant construction. They come in a choice of colours ranging from daylight white to purple, so they’re easy to match with existing schemes. For something different, why not choose Colour Changing Linkable LED Flexi Strips? With these you can use a remote control to command an ever-changing display of light.

Festoons are the perfect way to create a party mood. Guests will love this fantastic array of brightly coloured light bulbs! They are fully weatherproof with sealed lamp-holders, so won’t fizzle out at the first sign of rain. Hang them from trees, gazebos, conservatories and other tall garden features to get the party in full swing. Go with multi-coloured bulbs for cheerful effect, or choose one colour if you have a theme. The great thing about festoons is that the colour(s) can be easily changed by taking out one lot of bulbs out and putting a new set in.

Planters and Floor Lights

Lighting design is more diverse than ever before, and the Assisi LED Planters prove this. These stunning LED planters, which come in two sizes, provide the perfect way to house and display plants without any need for additional lighting. If you want to bring beautiful contemporary style to any bar, hotel or public place, these outdoor plant lights are for you. To avoid harming your plants, the pots are designed with drainage holes. The compact size and cool beam of LEDs allow this fantastic feature light to exist.

Last but not least are the chic Lucca Exterior Floor Lamps, which create the feeling of a luxurious outdoor lounge. These good-looking lights come in a choice of bright colours, and are anchored by a heavy stone base. A contemporary choice, the Lucca brings indoor style outside!

With minimal effort you can offer an outdoor space that people will want to visit again and again.

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