Bathroom lighting – professional choices

Bathroom lighting, how important can it be? The busy lives most of us live nowadays mean that the percentage of each day that we actually spend in our bathrooms is quite small. Despite that, the bathroom in modern times has become one of the main focal points in our homes, pretty close behind the kitchen in fact.

Regardless of the amount of time we spend in our bathroom we always want it to be pleasant and relaxing. That’s why we spend so much on luxury fixtures and fittings, baths, showers taps and so on. The right lighting forms a major aspect of the ambience we strive for. Short though the average time we spend in the bathroom is, it is getting longer as we learn to pamper ourselves more.

Brush up on your knowledge first

Before we go any further, don’t forget that IP Ratings and Bathroom Zones play a huge part when it comes to the suitability of bathroom lighting. So if you aren’t familiar with either of them please take a look at our IP Ratings Guide and Lighting up your bathroom features. If on the other hand you are already IP Rating and Bathroom Zone savvy then please feel free to read on…

Five main areas

Bathroom lighting falls roughly into five main categories, Ceiling lights (the most traditional), wall lights of various kinds, mirror lights, shaver lights (for electric razors) and perhaps the most decadent of all… shower lights.

Let’s take a look at each of these categories or areas in turn and consider some products from the Lyco Direct range in each of them. Where better to start than with the bathroom lighting familiar to most householders, ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights

The Carina Flush Ceiling Fitting is a contemporary design which looks like the kind of light that has always looked right in any bathroom. Fitting flush to the ceiling it is out of the way, sealed against the ingress of moisture and is rated IP44.

The extremely durable and robust Massa Flush Ceiling Light is designed to be vandal proof and pretty well indestructible for public and commercial buildings. It is however also perfect for the gentler environment of the domestic bathroom. It is IP rated 66 which means it is watertight even against heavy seas so bathrooms will present no problems.

Of these ceiling lamps, while both are excellent products for bathroom lighting and both take advantage of low energy bulbs, the Massa light is the best new ceiling light on the market for a bathroom. Its robust construction combined with simple, elegant style and high levels of IP protection make it the classic bathroom light in this category.

Mirror lights

Mirror lights are a brilliant idea whether you are shaving, eyebrow plucking, or doing anything that calls for good light and a mirror. They are also an elegant way of lighting a bathroom especially when used as an additional light source with background lighting.

Lyco offer a range of mirror lights with or without shaver sockets built in. The Zodiac mirror light is an excellent example, using LED lighting for lighting power and economy. The LEDs have a life of up to 55000 hours. The light output is super bright too.

Shaver lights

Many men prefer using an electric shaver to the old fashioned wet shave. Ladies have uses for electric shavers too, so shaver sockets in bathrooms are popular all round. Better still, incorporate them into light fittings.

Lyco’s range includes bathroom lighting with built in shaver sockets and a fine example is the multi-purpose Coronation Shaver Light. You get a shaving light with two removable chrome-effect end caps to give it style, a shaver socket and even an electric toothbrush charger all combined in one neat, attractive unit. The features all work independently and the light uses a low energy bulb for economy with a life of 100000 hours! Its IP rating of 44 means it is safe in the bathroom or en-suite as long as it is away from the shower.

Shower Lights

Finally… shower lights. Inside shower compartments lights are exposed to the wettest conditions in the bathroom so a high level of ingress protection is vital.

IP65 Down-lights are built to withstand water under pressure from a jet and can be adjusted to direct light just where it is wanted. You can choose either mains voltage models or the low voltage versions.

The popular Fireguard LED 6 downlighters fit flush into the ceiling and bring all the advantages of an LED light source as well as boasting an IP65 rating. As their name suggests, they are actually fire rated too. They are more expensive but if someone wants the luxury of having lights in the shower these have to be the best new light on the market for the purpose. They are the classic bathroom lighting you can depend on without a doubt.

Bathroom lighting provides professionals with plenty of choice to offer their customers and the combination of classic fittings and contemporary styles these days means they make a bathroom inviting as soon as they switch on the light.

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