Top 10 New Kitchen Lighting Solutions

Kitchen Lighting

In recent times, kitchens have become places to eat and entertain as well as to cook. How do you light a room that serves multiple functions? It’s important not to over light – each light must have a role. Our top 10 kitchen lighting solutions will help you plan a new or revamped kitchen.

1. LED Flexi-Strips

Mainly used for mood lighting, LED flexi-strips can be fitted along kick boards or below kitchen cabinets. You can create a floating effect at a kitchen island by fixing them right around the base. The Integral 30W Daylight LED Light Strip Kit is ideal for this.

Lyco LED Flexi Strips

2. Under-Cabinet Downlighting

Often in the kitchen you’ll be working in your own shadow, especially at outer worktops. Under-cabinet lighting solves this by delivering light straight to the surface. Eterna Warm White LED Strip Light is practical, stylish and creates mood.

Eterna 8W Warm White LED Strip Light - 608mm

3. Fluorescent Strip Lights
Fluorescent fittings are a kitchen standard, and they’ve improved a lot over the years. Problems such as flickering no longer exist, plus up to six of these can be linked, so you can create precisely the lighting scheme you need.

4. Fire Rated Downlights
Fire-rated products like the Luceco F-Eco 5W Warm White Adjsutable Downlight are ideal for ambient lighting. A dimmable fitting allows control over lighting mood, especially when contrasted with other lights. Building regulations require recessed ceiling lights under occupied floors to be fire-resistant.

5. Wall Lights
Wall lights work well in a kitchen if there’s space. The Edit Bench Wall Light with its trendy copper finish suits a traditional room. You might install it over a breakfast bar or table, giving you extra light for reading the paper or even eating.

6. Pendants
Pendants work well over breakfast bars, kitchen islands or dining tables. The Elstead Provence Rise and Fall Pendant is inspired by an old French design. Install this over an island and set it high to light an entire food prep area or low as an intimate dining light.

7. Flush Fittings
For homes with low ceilings, flush fittings use as little vertical space as possible. They don’t have to compromise on style, either, as the Searchlight American Diner Flush Ceiling Light shows. This traditional fitting is inspired by the metallic lights that were popular in 1950s American diners.

8. Track Lighting
Track lighting allows spotlight heads to be moved freely along a length of track. This is ideal above the edges of a kitchen island or counter top. It’s especially useful with metallic surfaces, as the ability to change lighting angles helps control glare. Robus Acorn track lighting suits this role.

Robus Acorn Track Lighting at Lyco

9. Designer Looks
If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoy entertaining, a designer light will make the space special. A three light bar, such as the Edit Craft Ceiling Pendant, add a bit of glamour to your room, and looks great when placed directly over a dining room table or kitchen island.

Edit Craft 3 Light Bar Ceiling Pendant - Black

10. Plinth Potential
Outdoor decking lights can be used as kitchen plinth lights. These tough little fittings can stand being splashed with a mop or kicked. Install them along the lower plinth section of your kitchen floor units. The Robus Garland Kit includes 10 lights, each giving an attractive blue glow for relaxing effect.

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Dusk To Dawn Lights – More Than Just Lighting

Garden Spotlight

A built-in photocell is used in ‘dusk to dawn lights’ to automatically switch light on when darkness falls and off again at sunrise. Many such lights include a lux setting, so you can determine how dark it needs to be before they activate. Some have a manual override feature for regular on/off control. Dusk to dawn lights are not only convenient, but they also add an element of security to any home or business premises.

Automatic Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Peace of mind lighting

Because dusk to dawn lighting operates automatically, it creates the illusion that a property might be occupied whether it is or not. That alone is enough to deter an opportunistic intruder while also bringing you peace of mind. Without any murky areas of concealment, criminals are always likely to move on to a more vulnerable target. If you combine dusk to dawn lights with a CCTV system, you should avoid most unwanted attention.

A welcoming sight

A business that operates late into the night such as a hotel, motel, or bar, wants the world to know its premises is open. Dusk to dawn lights let potential customers know you are there, at their service, and there’s no reliance on staff members switching light fittings on and off. The lights will routinely switch on exactly when visibility reduces, everyday, so that your business is always seen to its best advantage.

By choosing your dusk to dawn lights carefully, you’ll create a welcoming ambience that entices custom. The lights that attract customers will also discourage crooks. PIR lights are another useful deterrent against crime, startling any intruder with what is often a bright, stark light when it’s a modern floodlight. This is not desirable treatment for customers, but PIR floodlights can be used in areas not intended for public access such as back yards.


Plug and play outdoor lighting schemes are easy to design and surprisingly affordable. Because they use low voltage lights, they are entirely safe to install and require no electrician. Lyco sells an extensive range of Markslojd Easyfit 12 volt connectable lighting, including a diverse selection of products that can cater for most outdoor lighting needs.

The right lighting for the job

Using the right dusk to dawn lights for each location and purpose is vital for success, to either light a building for security purposes or show off a beautiful façade.

The Lutec Sunshine LED Solar Floodlight has a built in PIR Sensor and operates between dusk to dawn. This light is completely self-sufficient, recharging by day and switching on automatically at dusk.

Wall lights can be part of your dusk to dawn lighting scheme, too. Lyco recommends the Caris Outdoor Wall Light for a modern doorway or patio area. This is another offering from Markslojd, a Swedish lighting company with a worldwide reputation for excellent outdoor luminaires and decorative bulbs.

For a traditional hospitality business or home, the lantern design remains a firm favourite. The Coach Wall Up Lantern from ASD Lighting adds a Dickensian feel to the outside of any premises, though there’s nothing Victorian about its light source. This fitting is designed to accept only low energy fluorescent bulbs, so it commits you to eco-friendliness.

A second solar lighting option is the set of six garden stake lights Aspen by Edit. These are great for accenting garden features such as trees, shrubs, or statues. Best of all, they’re free to run!

Lighting control

With dusk to dawn control you’ll benefit from great lighting every night, with no further action required. Remembering to switch lights on or off is no longer necessary: you’ll have a light sensor to do both at just the right times. A garden lighting scheme can be installed with little effort or expense if you plump for the plug and play option. Other fittings will usually need an electrician. Either way, you’ll soon see the benefits of dusk to dawn lighting, as will your customers.

Please browse our full range of Dusk To Dawn Lighting products to find exactly what you need. Our friendly sales team is always on hand to offer specific guidance.

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Bathroom Zones – What Can Go Where

Bathroom Lighting

Before any lighting installations are carried out in bathrooms it is essential to understand the significance of bathroom zones, as set out in the electrical safety regulations. These bathroom zones are designed to ensure that only bathroom lights provided with appropriate protection are used, especially within the higher risk areas so that the risk of harm is avoided.

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IP Ratings

Like other electrical equipment, light fittings are given an IP Rating to indicate their suitability for a particular environment. IP stands for ingress protection and the rating consists of the letters IP followed by a two digit number. The first number indicates the level of protection provided against intrusion by solid objects such as dirt or dust. The second digit indicates the level of protection against various degrees of moisture. For a more in-depth explanation of IP Ratings take a look at our definitive guide to IP Ratings.

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Bathroom Zones Explained

Bathroom zones are best described with reference to illustrations but the measurements stated are quite specific and must be adhered to. What follows should help with understanding what grade of fittings can be placed in the different bathroom zones and the reasons why. It is only a guide and such work should always be carried out by a qualified electrician who will be conversant with the IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition).

As you can see the illustration below shows a bath, wash basin and a stand-alone shower installation. If any of them are combined or their respective zones overlap then the higher risk level should be applied.

Bathroom Zones explained

As you can see the illustrations show four distinct bathroom zones, 0, 1, 2 and 3 (referred to in the key as “Outside Zones”).

Bathroom Zone 0

Zone 0 is inside the bath or the shower tray itself. If lighting is required in there, any fitting used must use a low voltage supply, that is a maximum of 12v and also be rated at least IPx7 which means it is totally immersion proof.

Bathroom Zone 1

Zone 1 is the area above the bath or shower tray to a height of 2.25m from the floor. Any fitting used in this zone must have a minimum rating of IPx4* , which means it is protected against water spray from all directions. If the fitting uses a 240v supply, a 30ma residual current device (RCD) must also be used to protect the circuit in this zone.

Bathroom Zone 2

Zone 2 is an area stretching 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. In this zone again an IP rating of at least IPx4* is required. It is good practice to regard the area around a wash basin, within a 60cm radius of any tap as zone 2.

Bathroom Zone 3 (Outside Zones)

Zone 3 is anywhere outside zones 0, 1 and 2 (subject to specific limits) and where no water jet is likely to be used. No IP rating* is required in these areas.

*If there is any likelihood of water jets ever being used for cleaning purposes in Zones 1,2 and Outside Zones, fittings rated a minimum IPx5 must be used which tells you that the fitting is protected against water jets.

The latest edition of the IEE wiring Regulations will provide more detailed information but your electrician should be fully up to date with these.

Suitable Suggested Products

When it comes to selecting the actual fittings to go into the different bathroom zones there are plenty to choose from in our Bathroom Lighting category.

Need Further Advice?

The information provided in this guide should help you to understand the requirements for bathroom lighting and the meaning of bathroom zones. When you discuss your requirements with your electrician you should now feel able to do so with greater confidence than you may have felt before.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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Where Next?

Bathroom Ceiling Lights Bathroom Mirror Lights Bathroom Wall Lights


Bollards, Pedestals & Posts Explained

The differences between bollards, pedestals and posts may not lose you much sleep at night, but they’re handy to know when buying outdoor lights. You’ll often see the terms used randomly, so here we attempt to sort them out.

Three definitions:

  • Bollard: A thick, sturdy post with a light on top, commonly used as commercial security lighting around perimeters and walkways.
  • Pedestal: A lantern or modern alternative with a short base for use on walls, pedestals or steps. Ideal for marking entrances to paths and driveways.
  • Post: A slimmer, often taller version of a bollard with a light at the top. Ideal for lighting garden paths or showing off plants and shrubs.


Posts & Bollards

Post and pedestal light fittings are ideal for providing effective outdoor post lighting where there is no suitable place for a wall light. Larger fittings are perfect for creating dramatic entrances or lighting an area where a smaller fitting would be obscured by tall plants or buildings.

Our smaller post and garden spike lights provide more discreet lighting for unobtrusive ambient light.

Pedestal lights

Lyco offers a wide variety of pedestal lights, ranging from traditional lanterns to modern stainless steel designs. These short outdoor fittings are ideal for bordering paths or decking areas and placing on top of walls, pedestals, or steps.

They add mood to gardens as well as providing light for safe movement. We have pedestal lights for all settings, whether a commercial exterior or the garden of a home, pub, or restaurant.

Coastal use

Stainless steel and painted metal light fittings do not protect against salt corrosion and are unsuitable for coastal use. Anywhere within 10 miles of the sea is deemed a coastal site by Lyco.

Norlys painted steel and aluminium lights come with long anti-corrosion guarantees of 15 and 25 years. They can be used as close as 4 miles from the sea without voiding the warranty.

Copper and galvanised steel products are always suitable for use near the sea. Once in place, they form a natural patina that inhibits corrosion. The harsher the environment, the quicker this happens. Polycarbonate fittings are also a good choice for coastal sites.

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IP Ratings – The definitive guide

When you look at the description or specification of a piece of electrical or electronic equipment you will quite often find that an IP Rating is quoted. It consists of the letters IP and a two digit number. IP simply stands for “Ingress Protection” and the number indicates the degree of protection that has been provided to the item of equipment.

The reason why IP Ratings exist is basically twofold. First and foremost is the safety of persons using or coming into contact with the equipment. The most obvious example here is protection against the ingress of water. Everyone knows that water and high voltage electricity are a very dangerous combination so any electrical equipment used in a wet environment needs to be well sealed to keep its electrical parts dry. The second issue is the life expectancy of the equipment itself. Using the same example, it won’t work for long if water can get into it.

Of course water is not the only thing that needs to be kept out of electrical devices. Casings or enclosures need to be sealed against intrusion by tools and fingers as well as keeping out dust and foreign bodies of all kinds.

International Standard

IP ratings are internationally recognized and are defined by International Standard EN60529 (British BS EN60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989), so the numbers that follow the letters IP, mean the same everywhere. The meaning assigned to each digit is quite specific.

Digit 1

The first digit deals with both the level of protection afforded to people from moving parts and the degree of protection for the equipment inside from foreign bodies.

<td width=”67″ valign=”top”1st Digit

Protection against solid objects


Not protected


Protected against solid objects greater than 50mm (e.g. hands)


Protected against solid objects greater than 12mm (e.g. fingers)


Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm (e.g. tools)


Protected against solid objects greater than 1mm (e.g. wires)


Protected against dust (where there is sufficient amount to interfere with teh satisfactory operation of the equipment)


Total protection against dust


Indicates that protection against solid objects is not defined

Digit 2

The second digit refers to the level of protection provided against various degrees of moisture such as drips, submersion in water, sprays and so on.

2nd Digit

Protection against liquids


Not protected


Protected against dripping water greater than 50mm (drip proof)


Protected against dripping water when titled up to 15°


Protected against spraying water (rain proof)


Protected against splashing water (splash proof)


Protected against water jets from any direction (jet proof)


Protected against heavy seas


Protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m


Protected against long periods of immersion under pressure

Bathroom Zones are dictated by IP ratings

For most of us the IP ratings of lighting equipment take on the greatest degree of relevance when we are considering the purchase of lighting for either outdoor situations or in bathrooms, where moisture is the great enemy. Bathrooms are actually divided into zones for electrical safety purposes. Zone 0 is inside the bath or shower cubicle and requires at least IP67 and must be low voltage. Zone 1 covers an area up to 2.25 metres above the bath and requires IP44 plus an RCD device if mains voltage. Further from likely contact with water is Zone 2 where IP44 is the minimum rating allowed. Beyond that is Zone 3 or Outside Zones where an IP rating is not normally required. For a more in-depth look at this topic take a look at our Bathroom Zones – what can go where guide.


Lyco always quotes IP ratings on all relevant products and you can check these against the above chart to confirm the suitability for the particular location. Let’s take a look at some examples.

The Carina is a 28W flush fitting ceiling or wall light, which is ideal for basic bathroom lighting and is rated at IP44. The first figure 4 means that it is protected against intrusion by solid objects bigger than 1mm such as fine tools and obviously, fingers. The second figure 4 refers to moisture protection and tells you that it is protected against water spray from any direction which is why it is suitable for general bathroom lighting. It’s ideal for stairwells and corridors too using low energy bulbs for economy.

If you need something even better protected for somewhere like a swimming pool or outdoor car park you should consider the 5ft Twin T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Fittings  with its sealed casing rated IP65.  That’s 6 because it is totally dust tight and the 5 means it’s protected against low pressure water jets from any direction.

Ground lights in drives and pathways may need to withstand weight as well as getting submerged in water from time to time. The Albany Submersible Ground Light fulfils these requirements admirably. Its rating of IP68 means that it is dust tight and is protected against continuous total immersion in water which also makes it ideal for use in water features.

Whatever your particular requirements, check them against the chart to make sure you get the right IP rating for the job. That way you and your customers will be safe and you’ll get the best life out of the products you choose.

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Top 10 LED light fittings – the market leaders

Anyone who is faced with the task of updating the lighting in a building, whether it involves the entire premises or just certain parts, need to be looking seriously at LED lighting. LED is far superior to any of its predecessors in so many ways. Whether you are an architect, designer or electrician the message is still the same.

Designers of offices can now provide work places that are not only more people friendly because of the modern lighting but, thanks to the availability of LED fittings, are far more economical to run. LED probably represents the greatest advance in lighting technology since the fluorescent tube.

LED is the number one choice

For any new installation LED lights are the number one choice for a number of reasons. First there’s the economy in operation. LED units have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours, that’s 11 years if left on continuously or 22 years if only on half of the day every day. Because LEDs are 80 to 90% efficient compared to traditional incandescent bulbs’ 20%, 80% plus of the electricity used produces light. That means LEDs use far less energy to produce an equivalent level of light. LEDs work well on low voltage systems too, which brings benefits for safety as well as economy.

Less is more

The environment benefits from the absence of any toxic materials in LED units and of course their long life means that less energy is consumed producing them. Virtually no UV light is produced by LEDs and very little infra red which means practically no radiated heat which is much kinder to pictures or ancient artefacts. It’s better for people too!

Hardy lighting animals

LEDs are extremely robust with no glass used in their construction which makes them ideal for situations where lights can lead a tough life. Their compactness gives designers unprecedented flexibility in positioning lights where they can be most effective. LEDs can focus light for best effect and are not troubled by extremes of temperature. They switch on and off instantly too.

The market leading LED lights

Now the case for LED has been proven let’s take a look at the market leaders in LED lighting….

Indoor LED light fittings

Slimline LED Emergency BulkheadLyco’s top ten LED light fittings, start indoor with the neat, LED Emergency Bulkhead light. Its slim and compact design means it needs very little space and its robust polycarbonate construction will withstand the inevitable knocks. It can also be used with remote switching.

Next, another emergency light, this time the 3W LED Compact Emergency Downlight which comes pre-wired for easy installation in a ceiling. This light needs no maintenance and is available in white or satin silver finishes to suit. It’s LED glows a discreet green when on standby then, in the event of failure of the mains lighting, it comes on automatically giving a bright white light.

Prodisc LED Flush Light Fitting with Motion SensorThe Carina LED fitting can be what you want it to be! It can be a standard LED flush fitting ceiling light operated by a normal switch or it can incorporate a microwave movement sensor to come on when movement is detected. The microwave sensor can even see through doors and turn on the light in a room as someone approaches the closed door. The Carina can also be installed as a maintained or non-maintained emergency light. Both microwave sensor and emergency facility can be combined in one lamp. One such unit can be linked to as many as four standard basic lamps and allowing you to control all of them together.

Acorn LED Track Lighting Kit (includes 3 lights) - White
For track mounted lights Lyco offers the Acorn LED 3 Light and Track Kit in a white finish . You get a metre of track and three spotlights fitted with LED bulbs. You can have Halogen GU10 bulbs if you prefer. If one metre of track is not enough for your project you can extend the kit with extra tracks and spotlights right up to 30 metres of track. The maximum number of spotlights per metre of track is four. An inline connector is needed for each track connection. Each spotlight head can rotate through 360˚ to point where you want it to and can tilt through 90˚.

For the bedside table, Edit Hotel Reading Light  not only looks elegant but combines a bedside lamp with an LED snake neck reading light with separate switches for each. Style is neatly combined with convenience.

Top Outdoor LED fittings

Stainless Steel LED Post Light - Short Moving outdoors LEDs are very much in their element with their robust construction. IP44 rated, the Short Stainless Steel Post Light with 24 LEDs is protected against both dust and splashing water to accommodate the vagaries of our British weather. It is 450mm tall, made from stainless steel with a transparent diffuser. You get a 3 year guarantee against corrosion so it is ideal for outdoor installation more than ten miles inland from the coast. Nearer to the coast than that and you really should choose copper or galvanised steel products rather than stainless steel (see our coastal lighting article for more information).

Take a closer look at the Ground or Wall-mountable - GL7- LED Spotlight - Warm-WhiteStill in the great outdoors, another great light fitting for the garden is this Garden Spotlight. It can be fitted to a vertical surface or on the ground. Its IP65 rating means it is well protected against heavy rain and dust. It is great for lighting up a water feature but should not be submergedn. The tough lacquered aluminium casing makes this a very durable outdoor light.

Guardcam LED Security Flood LightOutdoor lighting includes security lighting and for this purpose you can’t do better than the Guard-Cam LED as it has all you need… PIR controlled floodlight, security camera with speaker and associated DVR system. When the PIR is activated the camera takes clear images, recorded straight to the DVR and the light is bright enough to ensure that even at night the images are clear and in true colours. All the settings are fully adjustable and all the sensitive parts are fully protected against the elements. The system is mains powered with battery backup and can even be set to give audible warnings to deter trespassers from proceeding further.

Nighthawk Security Flood Light
If the camera and recording facilities are not required, a lower cost alternative would be the Nighthawk LED. One of Lyco’s most popular security lights, its superb quality Nichia LEDs are renowned for their high output, reliability and amazingly long life. The PIR movement sensor is combined with a photo-electric cell which can be set to activate the system from dusk to dawn.

The number one LED light fitting is…

Fireguard LED6 Dimmable SpotlightFinally the top selling LED light fitting which really is lighting the way to LED dominance in the lighting market is the EvoFire Downlight. We’re back indoors for this one, it’s a ceiling fitted flush downlight. It meets part B of current building regulations being fully tested and fire rated for 30, 60 and 90 minute ceilings. It is equally suitable for commercial applications of all kinds as well as domestic use.

The IP65 rating of the Evofire Downlighters means they are suitable for use in bathroom zone 1. The fire resistant bezel ensures that they are ideal for retro fitting as replacements for other, older downlighters.

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Commercial lighting – the basics explained

Every designer and electrician whose work brings them into contact with commercial lighting will be well aware of the vast range of suitable fittings and equipment available to them. They will also be conscious of the importance of choosing the right commercial lighting fittings for the project in hand. Similarly proprietors of businesses commissioning such work will have their own quite clear ideas as to what they need and expect from their new commercial lighting.

Lighting contractors will naturally have kept up to date with the exciting developments seen in recent times in lighting systems. Their customers may not however so it may be helpful to highlight some of the benefits they bring to users of commercial lighting.

Better lighting, better economy

Low energy lighting has been with us for some time now with its benefits of lower consumption of electricity and longer bulb life leading to improved economy in use. These benefits were achieved by the use of compact fluorescent bulbs but they were frequently criticised for being bulky, unattractive and producing light of lower intensity than expected. These lights still suit many situations but awareness of the other options that have become available more recently is essential if the right decisions are to be made.

With the advent of energy-saving halogen bulbs, metal halide lights and LED systems, light of greater brightness and intensity than was ever available from traditional incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes comes with dramatically improved economy. Every business needs to keep costs to a minimum and energy bills can account for a considerable proportion of overall operating costs. The high energy efficiency of these new forms of commercial lighting can bring about a significant improvement in the bottom line.


To show you exactly what we mean we have selected lighting examples from four broad categories of commercial lighting (retail display, high bay lighting, low bay lighting and including flush fittings) that suit all locations. We recommend suitable fittings for each situation.

Retail Display

The lighting here needs to clearly illuminate all areas of the sales area to enable customers to see everything clearly, move around safely and to deter thieves. The goods on display should be highlighted so that they are shown off to best advantage.

Metal halide lighting is perfect for this. Its bulb produces up to 115 lumens per Watt of electricity consumed compared to 35 for a traditional incandescent bulb. It lasts 20 times as long too, so economy comes as standard. These lights can light up a very large area or they can provide high intensity light on a small area.

A fine example is the Zeta Metal Halide Display Light from Robus in cast aluminium. You get a lovely crisp white light which really brings the display to life and showcases the products to best advantage.

Also ideal for situations such as shops are flush fitting. Flush mounted on either ceilings or walls they will illuminate large areas. These lamps use low energy bulbs for economy. For ultimate economy, LED versions are available.

High Bay Lighting

Here we are looking at lighting installed at heights of 20 feet (6 metres) or more above floor level, which may be in a warehouse, a sports hall, or maybe a large restaurant, even a pub or large retail sales area.

Recommended light fittings for these installations would include the Luteco Eris Light as discussed under Retail Display. These high efficiency lights with their excellent economy are equally at home in High Bay situations where they are extremely effective.

Also extremely versatile and particularly suited to high bay installations are Ivela High Bay Lights – Translucent /Black. These are IP44 rated so they can be used where dry conditions cannot be guaranteed. Using them with energy saving screw fitting Halogen GLS Bulbs, brings all the benefits of superb light output coupled with outstanding operational economy that halogen lighting provides.

Low Bay Lighting

LowBayis required in situations where the lights are to be installed 3 to 7 metres or about 10 to 23 feet above floor level. Dextra’s Low Bay Lights – Metal Halide 250W are designed for just this purpose.  These lights provide all the benefits of the latest metal halide technology as highlighted in the high bay lighting section plus a hinged gear tray which makes them quick and simple to both install and later maintain. The time thus saved represents a further saving in overall cost. Their robust construction makes them ideal for commercial lighting purposes particularly in factories, hangars, warehouses and loading bays.

Flush fittings like the Carina Flush Fitting LED White provide an excellent alternative in a low bay situation. The more limited the headroom available the greater the benefit of using flush fittings. We take a look at flush fitting lights next.

Flush Fitting Lights

Flush fitting lights are the maids-of-all-work of commercial lighting. We have two examples which show you just how versatile these lights are. Carina Flush Fitting LED White is the LED version of the Carina flush fitting mentioned under retail display. It provides all the advantages of flush fitting in that it protrudes very little from the surface it’s mounted on and can be wall mounted or ceiling. It is IP65 Rated which makes it ideal for hotel bathrooms, shower- cubicles and pub toilets or outdoors exposed to the elements.

On top of all that it is an LED light. LEDs produce beautiful white light, with the lowest of all energy consumption and the LED arrays outlast every other type of light source except the sun! Installing LED lighting is one of the few things a business can do which reduces costs whilst actually enhancing quality.

The other example is actually another version of the same light. The Carina LED Flush with Microwave Sensor – White. Here you get all the benefits already described plus the microwave sensor.  The light can be mounted outdoors to light up walkways, steps or other areas either for safety or convenience. It can also be a security light.

Its microwave sensor detects movement and turns the light on only when needed. It can be adjusted to become active only when the ambient light falls below a pre-set level and its sensitivity can be varied between 1 and 10 metres so that it only detects movement in the relevant area. The time the light remains on when activated can be pre-set to between 10 seconds up to 30 minutes.

Indoors these are the ideal lights for rooms or passageways that are not in constant use. As someone enters the area the lights obligingly turn on. One extremely useful benefit of the microwave sensor when compared to the PIR type of movement detector is that the microwave sensor can see through doors! One advantage that gives is that when someone approaches a closed room the sensor inside the room detects their arrival outside the door and turns on the light ready for when they enter the room.

All LED lights cost very little to run. These only come on when needed and remain turned off and costing nothing the rest of the time.

Update to save

It’s not only new business premises or those undergoing extensive refurbishments that can benefit from these developments in commercial lighting. All businesses need to be alert to changes that can reduce trading costs and in many cases the cost of updating their lighting installations could be repaid many times over in the long term by the savings in running expenses.

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Bathroom lighting – professional choices

Bathroom lighting, how important can it be? The busy lives most of us live nowadays mean that the percentage of each day that we actually spend in our bathrooms is quite small. Despite that, the bathroom in modern times has become one of the main focal points in our homes, pretty close behind the kitchen in fact.

Regardless of the amount of time we spend in our bathroom we always want it to be pleasant and relaxing. That’s why we spend so much on luxury fixtures and fittings, baths, showers taps and so on. The right lighting forms a major aspect of the ambience we strive for. Short though the average time we spend in the bathroom is, it is getting longer as we learn to pamper ourselves more.

Brush up on your knowledge first

Before we go any further, don’t forget that IP Ratings and Bathroom Zones play a huge part when it comes to the suitability of bathroom lighting. So if you aren’t familiar with either of them please take a look at our IP Ratings Guide and Lighting up your bathroom features. If on the other hand you are already IP Rating and Bathroom Zone savvy then please feel free to read on…

Five main areas

Bathroom lighting falls roughly into five main categories, Ceiling lights (the most traditional), wall lights of various kinds, mirror lights, shaver lights (for electric razors) and perhaps the most decadent of all… shower lights.

Let’s take a look at each of these categories or areas in turn and consider some products from the Lyco Direct range in each of them. Where better to start than with the bathroom lighting familiar to most householders, ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights

The Carina Flush Ceiling Fitting is a contemporary design which looks like the kind of light that has always looked right in any bathroom. Fitting flush to the ceiling it is out of the way, sealed against the ingress of moisture and is rated IP44.

The extremely durable and robust Massa Flush Ceiling Light is designed to be vandal proof and pretty well indestructible for public and commercial buildings. It is however also perfect for the gentler environment of the domestic bathroom. It is IP rated 66 which means it is watertight even against heavy seas so bathrooms will present no problems.

Of these ceiling lamps, while both are excellent products for bathroom lighting and both take advantage of low energy bulbs, the Massa light is the best new ceiling light on the market for a bathroom. Its robust construction combined with simple, elegant style and high levels of IP protection make it the classic bathroom light in this category.

Mirror lights

Mirror lights are a brilliant idea whether you are shaving, eyebrow plucking, or doing anything that calls for good light and a mirror. They are also an elegant way of lighting a bathroom especially when used as an additional light source with background lighting.

Lyco offer a range of mirror lights with or without shaver sockets built in. The Zodiac mirror light is an excellent example, using LED lighting for lighting power and economy. The LEDs have a life of up to 55000 hours. The light output is super bright too.

Shaver lights

Many men prefer using an electric shaver to the old fashioned wet shave. Ladies have uses for electric shavers too, so shaver sockets in bathrooms are popular all round. Better still, incorporate them into light fittings.

Lyco’s range includes bathroom lighting with built in shaver sockets and a fine example is the multi-purpose Coronation Shaver Light. You get a shaving light with two removable chrome-effect end caps to give it style, a shaver socket and even an electric toothbrush charger all combined in one neat, attractive unit. The features all work independently and the light uses a low energy bulb for economy with a life of 100000 hours! Its IP rating of 44 means it is safe in the bathroom or en-suite as long as it is away from the shower.

Shower Lights

Finally… shower lights. Inside shower compartments lights are exposed to the wettest conditions in the bathroom so a high level of ingress protection is vital.

IP65 Down-lights are built to withstand water under pressure from a jet and can be adjusted to direct light just where it is wanted. You can choose either mains voltage models or the low voltage versions.

The popular Fireguard LED 6 downlighters fit flush into the ceiling and bring all the advantages of an LED light source as well as boasting an IP65 rating. As their name suggests, they are actually fire rated too. They are more expensive but if someone wants the luxury of having lights in the shower these have to be the best new light on the market for the purpose. They are the classic bathroom lighting you can depend on without a doubt.

Bathroom lighting provides professionals with plenty of choice to offer their customers and the combination of classic fittings and contemporary styles these days means they make a bathroom inviting as soon as they switch on the light.

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Lighting controls explored

The most basic form of lighting controls consist of simple on/off switches built into lamps themselves. That’s fine for such things as table lamps and work lights and in its most advanced form gives us the ability to switch the lamp on or off just by touching the base. The most developed types even provide brightness control.

Then there are the familiar wall-mounted switches, usually placed just inside the doorway controlling lights fixed in various places in a room. Again these can incorporate dimmers to control the level of brightness. For landings and staircases the switches can be two-way so that the light can be switched off or on at the top or at the bottom. For some situations, communal staircases in apartment blocks for example, timer switches provide the simple solution to human forgetfulness. The Electronic Time Delay Switch is a perfect example. When the light is switched on it remains on for long enough for anyone to ascend or descend the stairs and then is automatically switched off. The timing is adjustable to suit the situation.

Activated by changing levels of light is the Flush Mount Photocell Sensor controller. This clever piece of kit is capable of controlling as many different lights as you wish and can be overridden by the normal manual wall switch when required. The level of light is variable by adjustment too.

Another lighting control suitable for controlling multiple lights according to natural light levels is the 250W Dusk To Dawn Photocell. Part of a range of dusk to dawn photo cell controllers, these can control outside security lighting as well as indoor lights.

The next level of sophistication in lighting controls works, not on light level but by detecting movement. If someone is moving about in the dark they must need a light, so the light obligingly switches on and stays on until a pre-determined time after all movement has ceased. This is all made possible by the Passive Infra Red detector, PIR for short.

PIR controllers come in many forms. Some such as Lyco’s 360° PIR Light Switch, can be used to control a number of separate lights from one location. The Light Switch with Movement Detector, is also used to replace the normal light switch and turns an ordinary lighting set-up into an automated system.

For a really unobtrusive PIR system of lighting controls there are small Flush Ceiling PIR Movement Switches. Several of these mounted at intervals of about 5 metres will ensure detection of movement everywhere in the room. These versatile units can be used with lamps of any kind and can even be used to control fans!

These controllers are ideal for use in rooms which are not occupied all the time, such as cloakrooms, so that lights are only on when actually needed. These lighting controls are not only a great convenience but over a year can save a great deal of expensive electricity.

The 360° PIR Light Controller is another one. Cunningly designed to detect movement over 360 degrees it doesn’t matter what the angle of approach, there is no blind spot. The length of time the light stays on when activated can be adjusted to suit the location making them ideal for corridors and staircases that are not in constant use.

Lighting controls then do rather more than take the effort out of flicking switches. They enable lights to come on when you enter a room with both hands full and similarly go out when you leave. Much better than trying to turn the lights off with your chin! They turn on lights when someone enters where they should not, alerting others to the incursion. Whilst performing these useful functions, lighting controls are also saving a fortune in electricity.

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