Display lighting – professional show-offs

Display lighting is designed not to draw attention to itself, but to show off things like artworks, museum exhibits, shop merchandise, theatre stages or trophy displays. Whatever your business entails, professional display lighting will get you noticed.


Here are just some of the display lighting possibilities available from Lyco:

Surface Mounted V Recessed

Display lighting comes in surface-mounted or recessed forms. The former is easy to install and easy to move if you need to change exhibits. For discreet, modern lighting that blends smoothly into the decor, recessed fittings fit the bill.

Track Lighting
Spotlight fittings are common in display lighting. Many are fixed in position, which is okay in some cases, but what if your display often alters? Track lighting lets you move spotlight heads along a track so you can place light anywhere in a room.
Even more versatile is a 3-circuit track lighting scheme, which gives control over three sets of lights in the same installation. You can switch or dim each of the three lighting groups to suit your needs using triple wall switches (dimming requires compatibility in the spotlight heads). This is not possible with standard track lighting, where all lights are controlled by a single switch.

Wire lights
An alternative to track lighting is wire lights. These are particularly useful on uneven or beamed ceilings and make a stylish choice in their own right. With wire lights, small LED or halogen 12V spotlights are suspended on a double wire that stretches across the room.

Picture lights
Pictures are found almost everywhere, whether in homes, hotels, museums, offices or restaurants. Doctors and dentists hang relaxing images in waiting rooms. Many of these applications benefit from picture lights, which draw attention to the art and help create mood.
LED technology is useful in picture lights because, unlike halogen, it does not project IR heat and comes in a choice of colour temperatures. You can choose a colour of white that enhances the picture. Warm white flatters skin tones in a portrait, for instance.

LED Flexi-strips
Suitable for a variety of purposes are LED Flexi-strips. The easy-to-install strips can be fitted along shelves, under kitchen cabinets or inside display cabinets. Normally, you won’t see the discreetly installed strips; only their eye-catching effect is visible.

Lighting an object from beneath creates a dramatic effect. Outdoors, Floodlights are used in this way to light tall trees. Inside, Uplighters are ideal for showing off sculpture, houseplants or other features.

Our full range of Retail Display Lighting may be of interest to you.

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Bollards, Pedestals & Posts Explained

The differences between bollards, pedestals and posts may not lose you much sleep at night, but they’re handy to know when buying outdoor lights. You’ll often see the terms used randomly, so here we attempt to sort them out.

Three definitions:

  • Bollard: A thick, sturdy post with a light on top, commonly used as commercial security lighting around perimeters and walkways.
  • Pedestal: A lantern or modern alternative with a short base for use on walls, pedestals or steps. Ideal for marking entrances to paths and driveways.
  • Post: A slimmer, often taller version of a bollard with a light at the top. Ideal for lighting garden paths or showing off plants and shrubs.


Posts & Bollards

Post and pedestal light fittings are ideal for providing effective outdoor post lighting where there is no suitable place for a wall light. Larger fittings are perfect for creating dramatic entrances or lighting an area where a smaller fitting would be obscured by tall plants or buildings.

Our smaller post and garden spike lights provide more discreet lighting for unobtrusive ambient light.

Pedestal lights

Lyco offers a wide variety of pedestal lights, ranging from traditional lanterns to modern stainless steel designs. These short outdoor fittings are ideal for bordering paths or decking areas and placing on top of walls, pedestals, or steps.

They add mood to gardens as well as providing light for safe movement. We have pedestal lights for all settings, whether a commercial exterior or the garden of a home, pub, or restaurant.

Coastal use

Stainless steel and painted metal light fittings do not protect against salt corrosion and are unsuitable for coastal use. Anywhere within 10 miles of the sea is deemed a coastal site by Lyco.

Norlys painted steel and aluminium lights come with long anti-corrosion guarantees of 15 and 25 years. They can be used as close as 4 miles from the sea without voiding the warranty.

Copper and galvanised steel products are always suitable for use near the sea. Once in place, they form a natural patina that inhibits corrosion. The harsher the environment, the quicker this happens. Polycarbonate fittings are also a good choice for coastal sites.

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Corridor lighting – fabulous but forgotten

In many buildings, corridor lighting is outdated, inefficient and ripe for an overhaul. Modern LED and fluorescent fittings use much less energy than older lights and are often paired with movement sensors or dimmer switches for even greater savings.

The way you choose to light a corridor will depend on the type of building. Chaotic settings such as schools need practical fittings, but a hotel can afford to be more aesthetic.

Schools, hospitals, care homes, sports centres

In busy buildings, corridor lighting has to be tough. Lyco sell a wide range of LED panels, which usually slot into existing ceiling voids to replace fluorescent lights. Many panels can also be surface mounted using available kits. Special diffusers are included in these fittings to achieve an even, wide spread of light. You’ll normally want to select a cool white light for work or study locations.

Hotels, restaurants, spas

Hospitality premises don’t need the same robust corridor lighting that’s used elsewhere. However, low-profile or recessed fittings maximise space and do reduce the chance of damage. For discreet, modern lighting.

In corridors that are rarely occupied, movement sensors save money. The sensor (also called an occupancy sensor) triggers light when it detects movement. A microwave movement sensor sees through doors and thin walls, so it can switch on light as the corridor is approached.

Hotel corridors often include floor lamps, table lamps, picture lights and wall lights. Niches or corners are good places to put floor or table lamps, along with suitable furniture or furnishings.

Emergency lighting

In most buildings, corridors form part of an emergency escape route. That being the case, by law they have to include emergency light fittings. There are two main types:

  • A maintained emergency fitting is used as a regular light, but stays switched on in the event of a power cut.
  • A non-maintained fitting is kept switched off and only activates during a power cut.

For expert advice about emergency lighting, we recommend a visit to the ICEL website.

Colour, light & space

Light and colour affects the way a corridor is seen. Pale walls and bright light give a greater feeling of space.

Corridors are in-between areas, but the journey from A to B never has to be dull or unpleasant. In fact, it offers the chance to show off attention to detail.

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The Greatest Light Shows On Earth

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The world is a pretty crazy place, with so many weird and wonderful phenomenon happening all around us we tend to take most of it for granted.

Well the team here at Lyco had a look into some of the best shows of natural lighting from around the world.

From star like displays given off by worms in New Zealand to the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Aurora Borealis there are some truly astounding natural displays of light out there.

To see the full list of these amazing light shows simply click here or on our infographic below.

The Greatest Light Shows On Earth

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Image Accreditation:
Red Tide Luminescense
Inside the Blue Grotto
Waitomo Glow Worm Caves, #NewZealand

Under cabinet kitchen lighting – hidden lighting at its best


In this article we’ll look at the practical and visual benefits of under cabinet lighting and show you products that transform any kitchen.

Why you need under cabinet kitchen lights

Overhead lighting in a kitchen provides ambient light, but it’s less than ideal for lighting most kitchen worktops. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Food preparation needs a brightly lit kitchen surface. Being far away, a ceiling light has to use more energy than a nearby fitting to achieve the same light intensity.
  • Most kitchen surfaces are at the room’s edge, so the effect of a ceiling light is often blocked by the cook.

Under cabinet lighting resolves these issues. You can still have ceiling lights—preferably dimmable—but use low-powered fittings to light your kitchen surfaces from close range. This is not only practical, but also creates mood.

Two Types

Lyco’s wide range of under cabinet lights is dividable into two types:

  • Under cabinet downlights provide focused light and are usually installed in multiples. These tend to be stylish fittings that make a good choice for high cabinets. They also create attractive patterns of light on the kitchen wall.
  • Under cabinet strip lights run the length of a cabinet for an even spread of light. These fittings are ideal for low-mounted cabinets. Usually, they can be linked together to seamlessly light a long kitchen surface.

Downlight Recommendations

The stylish Robus LED Triangle Light in brushed chrome has a neat triangular design.  Its warm white hue complements wood, red tiles or brickwork.
A circular design is found in the Robus Commodore LED Cabinet Light. Use of LED makes this fitting dearer than a halogen light, but the extra cost is always recouped through greater energy efficiency. The Laghetto emits a cool white light that goes well with modern white or metallic surroundings.

Strip light Recommendations

Offering superb value for money, these under cabinet lights come complete with LED tube. Up to 10 of these fittings can be linked together. The supplied tube is 80% more energy efficient than its equivalent 40W incandescent bulb.

Another option is an LED Strip Light, which can last around for 2o,000 hours. These energy-efficient lights are sold in a choice of lengths, which can be joined with link leads to create exactly the set-up you need.

Please view our full range of Cabinet Lighting to find the right product for your kitchen.
For more advice, inspiration and news take a look at our Lighting Advice section.

Take a look at our full range of Cabinet Lighting

For more advice, inspiration and news take a look at our Lighting Advice section.