Top LED bulbs

Supremely energy efficient and long-lasting, LED bulbs quickly pay for themselves as incandescent or halogen replacements. They are clean, with no mercury content, and the small size of LEDs means they can be used in most bulb types.
In this article we’ll show you some of our more popular LED light bulbs.

LED GLS bulbs
The Integral 9.5W LED Opal GLS Bulb is strong enough to light most rooms as a 60W incandescent equivalent. It’s non-dimmable, which helps keep the price down, but impressively energy efficient and long-lived.
An innovative idea in LED bulbs is use of LED filaments. Usually arranged vertically – as filaments were in days of old – this design is combined with a clear glass finish in products like the 6W LED Clear Filament GLS Bulb.

LED Candle bulbs
A fine choice for use with chandeliers is the Philips 6W DimTone LED Candle Bulb, which uses the manufacturer’s pretty Lotus Lens to create sparkling effect. Light from this bulb grows warmer in colour when dimmed, just as it would in an incandescent bulb.
LED bulbs have gradually decreased in price, which is evident in the Megaman 5.5W LED Candle Bulb. This is a high-quality product from an innovative, trusted brand. Besides energy efficiency, it offers 15 times the lifespan of a typical incandescent bulb.

LED Golf bulbs
The Integral 6.5W LED Clear Golf Ball Bulb offers a good spec at an attractive price. Its dimmability and long 25,000-hour lifespan are wrapped nicely with a guarantee of 3 years. This bulb is available in a choice of cap fittings and a clear or opal finish.
With a 3500K colour temperature, our great-value 1.3W White LED Golf Ball Bulb produces what is generally seen as a neutral white light. It can be used for lighting displays or festoons. We sell the same bulb in various bright colours, so you can mix and match as required.

MR16 LED bulbs
The GE Lighting 7W MR16 is fully dimmable and comes in a choice of beam angles and colour temperatures. One benefit of LED spotlights is their availability in cool white, which is good for task lighting and accenting cooler colours such as blue or violet.
COB technology is used in some LED spotlights to create an intense, uniform light. The output looks like halogen light. Integral uses this in its 7W Dimmable LED MR16, which uses 80% less energy than a 35W halogen equal.

GU10 LED bulbs
Our own 5W Warm White LED COB GU10 Bulb costs little more than a 50W halogen GU10 but emits a similar attractive light. It’s also 88% cheaper to run and lasts 10 times longer, so there isn’t much to dislike.
A high-power bulb at a low price is the Luceco 7W Warm White LED GU10, which equals a 75W halogen GU10 for output. Suitable for commercial or home use, it comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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