Outdoor lights – to make your house look great

All outdoor lights need to be resistant to bad weather, but that is their only constant attribute. Outdoor lighting is diverse in design and purpose. Some fittings are traditional in appearance and others modern. Some blend subtly into their surroundings while others draw attention, and there are even those that manage both. This article looks at outdoor lights that enhance your home exterior, one way or another.

Flexible lights

LED flexi strips are thin strips of LED lighting with an IP65 rating, which means they’re protected from dust, rain, and low-pressure jets of water. Although they come in strips of 5m, with each strip holding 300 LEDs, they can be snipped into 3-LED segments for precise customisation.

Available in various static colours, LED strips also come in RGB colour-changing form with a remote control for easy operation. The strips are backed with a strong 3M adhesive and can be discreetly installed around decking areas, porches, verandas, gazebos or fences.

Flexi strips are powered by a separately available driver. This will need a suitably high IP rating if it is to be positioned outside. The Deltech 30W IP67 Sealed Driver is sealed against dust and rain and has a sufficient maximum load to drive 6 metres of flexi strip.his ;exi S fences, for a vivid


A concentrated light that illuminates rather than decorates is the traditional floodlight. Although floodlights are often perceived as power-hungry, modern LED or fluorescent models use a fraction of the energy gulped up by halogen counterparts.

Floodlights offer an effective means of lighting buildings and structures and are useful for displaying garden landscaping features or dramatically illuminating large trees.

The Deltech Shatter Resistant 30W LED Floodlight is a fine choice for lighting homes, with a warm white light that creates a welcoming feel. Cooler white ‘daylight’ floodlights can also be used, but have a slightly starker effect that might be preferred for security applications.

Another brick light in the wall

A brick light fits neatly into the standard space occupied by a brick. It offers a discreet way of lighting paths or driveways by brick walls. Tile lights are similar to brick lights but used more diversely, as they are not of a standardised size. Both light forms are useful for lighting at low heights and in narrow spaces without creating obstruction, and they add visual appeal to exterior walls. Numerous tile and brick lights are featured on our website.

The Eterna Mono Low Energy Brick Light is available in low energy fluorescent and LED versions at roughly the same price. Though the LED model is markedly more energy efficient, the whole unit must be replaced at the end of its lifespan, whereas the low energy brick light uses a replaceable bulb. The LED option does have a long 18,000-hour lifespan, however, against the average 8,000 to 10,000 hours of a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp). Both fittings give great value for money and consume much less energy than filament lighting.(18,000 hours in the LED model, to brick buildings

Brick lights are always sealed against rain and are sometimes suitable for jet cleaning with a low-pressure hose. The latter requires a minimum IPX5 rating (e.g. IP65). Tile lights sometimes have even greater water resistance because of their varied use. The Stratford Recessed Square LED, for instance, can be immersed to a maximum depth of one metre and used in garden water features. A cheaper choice like the Milan LED Tile Light protects amply against dust and rain for regular wall installation.

Lighting an entrance

Wall lights alongside a front door needn’t be as inconspicuous as brick or tile lights. The light will usually be positioned at eye level and intended to create a welcoming effect. The Ivela Festa Opal Wall Light offers one affordable possibility for any modern home and has a shatter-resistant polycarbonate diffuser.

Nordlux products are superbly manufactured and come with exceptionally long anti-corrosion guarantees. Those made from galvanised steel are suitable for coastal use, the Luxembourg PIR Wall Light being an example. This has a PIR motion sensor, which automatically triggers light when it senses movement.

A visible address

Sign lights are useful for making building numbers or names clearly visible. The JCC Marquis is a traditional fitting with an elegant ‘swan neck’ design that directs light back on to a wall. A more contemporary choice is the SLV Myra Straight Arm Sign Light. This can be optionally fitted with an LED GU10 to reduce running costs and bulb-changing frequency.

Standout lighting

Some of the most striking outdoor luminaires are floor lights that double as statement furniture pieces. The Lodi Exterior Floor Lamp is ideal for lighting a patio or decking area. Outdoor floor lamps are a contemporary idea, but they still come in traditional standard lamp style. For example, the Lucca Exterior Floor Lamp looks like a regular shaded floor lamp, but is IP44 rated for its resistance to rain.

Feel free to browse our full range of outdoor lights.

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Reception lighting – first impressions count

For businesses big and small, first impressions count. Whether you’re looking to impress clients or the public, the reception area provides the first opportunity.

Some thought should be given to lighting when planning a reception. Harsh, bright lights make visitors feel uncomfortable and unwelcome, whereas poor or dim lighting projects lack of care or success. The right lighting will bring the best out of furniture and furnishings and create an agreeable ambience.

Reception lighting for small businesses and hotels

Smaller businesses or hotels may be limited in floor space, but even small reception areas can make a big impression with the right lighting. The main risk is the danger of overdoing it: large, ostentatious light fittings may hint at a healthy balance sheet, but they will overpower a small reception area and everything in it.

The ideal reception lighting for a small business reflects the strengths it has to offer (usually intimacy and personal attention), but will also be smart enough to make it look an efficient, conscientious business. Let’s look at examples from Lyco’s wide range of reception lighting options for small businesses.

Small hotel reception lighting

Pendant Lights

The beautiful pendant adds a touch of traditional elegance to any reception area, with many to choose from it’s important to work out what will suit decor and represent your brand values at the same time. Most pendants are height adjustable to suit any ceiling height.

Ceramic Wall Lights

Wall lighting is useful for filling bare areas of wall and creating a welcoming ambience. It also acts as a secondary source of illumination, with diffuse light bouncing off nearby surfaces. The ceramic wall light can be left bare or painted to suit surroundings.

Small office reception lighting

Gold & Copper Pendants

If you want a funky, modern reception idea that makes an impression, a gold or copper pendant give you exactly that. The stylish, contemporary range is eye catching and on trend. Choose a Decorative Filament Light Bulb to add the perfect finishing touch with head-turning looks.

Edit Wall Light

The uncomplicated simplicity of the Edit wall light makes it a versatile all-rounder that will suit most small office reception areas. It uses 40W small screw bulb, and the white plaster finish will complement most offices.

Reception lighting for large businesses and hotels

The larger your reception area, the greater the canvas is to create a lasting impression. You could use discreet wall fittings for added mood. Make the most of high ceilings by installing an eye-catching chandelier or decorative pendant.

As with small businesses, upgrading the existing lighting in a large business’s reception area can have a dramatic visual impact without you having to change anything else. It offers an affordable upgrade option. Let’s look at some ideas:

Large hotel reception lighting

Zaragoza 3 Light Pendant

This striking ceiling light creates a favourable first impression in any reception area with its classy black-ridged fabric shade and attractive polished chrome fixings. An opal glass diffuser ensures a smooth spread of downward light from this large pendant, which comes in a choice of colours and can be easily co-ordinated with other items in the same stylish range.

Phantom 7 Light Pendant

There’s nothing like a striking centrepiece light to make an immediate impact in any reception area. With its mix of polished chrome and white fabric, the height-adjustable Phantom 7 light fitting adds a touch of class wherever it’s installed. To complete a great first impression, there are also co-ordinated wall lights available.

Large head office reception lighting

Edit Wyndham LED Pendant

The Edit Wyndham LED Pendant is a large statement light with a span of 800mm. With cool white integrated LEDs, it is both energy saving and contemporary. It also emits over 5000 lumens of light, so it’s perfect for lighting a larger area.

Table Lamps

Add a Table Lamp to create a more homely feel to an area. With many finishes to choose from our extensive range, you are sure to find something to suit your decor.

Save money by switching to LED

Switching from inefficient lighting to retrofit LED light bulbs has a dramatic impact on any business’s lighting costs. Depending on the size of business, annual savings may extend into tens of thousands of pounds. An LED bulb uses 80 to 90% less energy than a filament bulb and it’s also exceptionally long lasting. Running and maintenance costs are drastically reduced.

As inefficient lighting technologies are gradually phased out LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly common. They are now available at a wide range of price points, including many at under £10. By choosing LED for a reception and any other area of your business, a return on investment is guaranteed.

For more advice, inspiration and news take a look at our Lighting Advice section.

Lighting in layers

Lighting layers is a concept that is more familiar to interior designers and lighting professionals than most ordinary people but the concept is pretty simple: rather than light a room with a single light source (typically a pendant) — a selection of lights is used. This creates depth and mood, emphasises form, and is practical too. Before planning or adding light layers, it’s useful to recall the three chief functions of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting: overall lighting that includes window light, but in artificial lighting is provided principally by ceiling fittings such as pendants and downlights
  • Accent lighting: emphasises architectural features, artworks, décor, furniture and furnishings (encompasses display lighting)
  • Task lighting: a supplementary light source designed to illuminate any task, including food preparation, makeup application, needlework, reading, and shaving

By installing a variety of fittings, you’ll avoid flat, two-dimensional lighting. Dimmer switches enable extra control over lighting mood. Areas of light and dark always enhance mood, while too much light unfailingly destroys it. Running different groups of lights on different circuits is desirable, as it lets you control individual layers at specific times of day or according to available window light.

Careful choice of lighting completes the work of the architect, artist, decorator, or furniture-maker, and shows off your home to its best effect. Below, we’ll look at ways to layer light in various rooms of a home.

Example 1 – Dining room

By definition, layered lighting needs at least two light sources. Most dining rooms have a light over the table, which might be a classically designed fitting like the Zaragoza 3-Light Pendant. Shaded luminaires with a strong downward flow of light are excellent for creating mood. The nearer they are suspended to a surface, the more focused and intimate is their effect.

Wall lights can be used in a dining room as a second lighting layer. Co-ordinated lighting schemes are easy to achieve within many lighting ranges, and this is true of the Zaragoza range. The Zaragoza Wall Light complements the above-mentioned pendant.

A picture light such as the Astro Teetoo 550 adds charm to the dining room, along with your chosen artwork. This dimmable fitting uses 12V halogen capsules for a crisp, pleasant quality of warm white light.

Example 2 – Kitchen

A kitchen offers plenty of scope for layered lighting. Recessed downlights provide discreet ambient lighting. If you have a kitchen island, a pendant can be positioned directly over its centre, with downlights installed above the edges. The Edit UFO Rise and Fall Pendant is one possibility above a kitchen island. You can alter the effect of its light at any time by raising or lowering the shade.

To give a kitchen island or other detached furniture a floating effect, lengths of LED flexi strip can be concealed around the base. The strips come in a choice of colours. Coloured lights are effective in establishing a particular mood, and floating furniture adds visual intrigue. This is a type of accent lighting.

Kitchen task lighting is often supplied by under-cabinet lights. These are especially useful because they light the worktop directly, whereas overhead lighting is often obstructed by the cook. Some LED Strip Lights produces a cool white light that is ideal for this application and it’s incredibly energy efficient.

LED technology has made lighting more discreet and practical in many instances. LED Cabinet Lights can be fitted inside kitchen display units to show off your glassware or crockery. Unlike filament lamps, it produces a physically cool beam of light.

Example 3 – Bedroom

Take a closer look at the Coupa FlexLED Reading LightMany people have a central pendant in their bedroom, perhaps supplemented with bedside lamps. The pendant provides practical ambient light, while a bedside lamp is ideal for reading. The benefits of dimming have been mentioned;  Touch Lamps have incremental dimming built in, needing only a light touch of the base for on/off and brightness control. Other, similar table lamps are sold by Lyco.

If you have a TV in the bedroom, you can conceal lighting behind the screen to ease eyestrain in subdued light or darkness. This idea is already built into some TVs, which cast an attractive glow onto a rear wall for just this purpose. Pupil dilation is reduced, and because the eyes do not adjust fully for the darkest areas of the picture it makes shadows appear deeper and colours richer. An LED flexi strip is useful again here. Aside from its ocular benefits, the lighting effect adds ambience.

Wall lights are often used in place of bedside lamps and suspended above or adjacent to the bed. They make useful reading lights. The latest LED reading lights are even better if you don’t want to keep a partner awake while reading. Their unidirectional light focuses on the page without affecting other areas of the room. Reading Lights serves two roles by providing a soft, auxiliary light for the room and a separate LED light for reading.

Directional downlights can be used to cast attractive pools of warm accent lighting against bare expanses of wall. A surface-mounted spotlight bar would do the same job. Again, this creates mood, especially in conjunction with dimmed ambient lighting.

Extra layers

Take a closer look at the Limina White Plater Floor UplighterThere are plenty of other lighting layers for you to consider. Choose lights that will highlight architectural features and create a greater feeling of space and depth. A freestanding uplighter like the Astro Cut Floor Uplighter can be positioned in alcoves or dark corners. You can use recessed floor lights to highlight doorways and arches. Lights can be installed in niches or on bookshelves. Start with ambient light and plan your lighting according to a room’s features and function. With lighting layers, you’ll create atmosphere and rediscover your home.

For more useful information and advice, please look at our Lighting Advice section.

Outdoor lights for staff safety

Lighting affects our working lives in several ways. It has a major effect on our health and mental welfare and may protect life and limb in dangerous manual jobs. At either end of a working day employees enter or leave a workplace. It’s essential they’re able to do this without risk of accident or physical threat. Outdoor lights for staff safety deserve close attention. This article points you towards specific products to help keep employees safe.

Outdoor car parks

Take a closer look at the 400w metal halide floodlightEuropean Standard 12464-2 gives useful advice on car park lighting. It recommends surface illuminance of at least 5 lux for car parks with low traffic and 20 lux for busy parking zones. The size of the car park will influence your lighting choice. A light mounted high up covers more ground and avoids glare, but it needs to emit more light to maintain intensity. The distance covered by a floodlight is roughly twice its mounting height.

The Dextra 400W Metal Halide Floodlight suits a high mounting position. This fitting produces far more light than a 400W halogen equivalent. Good-quality colour rendering makes car recognition easier and aids crime detection. Our choice of metal halide floodlights caters for many applications.

For large areas of lighting, there is the Dextra 400W SON Floodlight. This floodlight is energy efficient and throws out even more light than the 400W metal halide lamp, but its colour rendering is poorer. Nonetheless, it allows some colour recognition and is suitable for many outdoor purposes.

Covered car parks

Take a closer look at the IP65 T8 Weathrproof Fluorescent - Twin 6ftCovered car parks have different lighting needs to open parking spaces. They are trickier to navigate, and their hemmed-in nature causes a sense of unease if poorly lit. The psychological effect of lighting is important; staff should feel safe as well as being as safe as possible. Suggested lux levels are 75 lux for driving lanes, entrances, exits and parking bays; a minimum 100 lux for pedestrian areas; and 150 lux for ramps, corners, and junctions.

A good choice for covered car parks is the Eterna IP65 T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Batten. This inexpensive light source is dust-tight and resistant to jets of water. LED substitutes for fluorescent tubes last longer and are 30-40% more energy efficient. The Robus Vulcan LED Batten is an example. These lights are ideal for tunnels or sheltered paths, too.


Paths need good lighting for the safety and security of staff. An illuminance level of between 5 and 20 lux is recommended. The Horizon Bulkhead includes a photocell to trigger light at dusk and is suitable for a path alongside a building. The eye-lid design helps to reduce glare and protect visibility.

Take a closer look at Well Corner Light - BlackAny obstacle or change of direction along a path demands good lighting. Adequate corner lighting helps prevent accidents. The Eterna Well Corner Light comes with a special mount to allow this. It is wise to keep building extremities amply lit for reasons of personal security, especially when publicly accessible.

For brick buildings, a discreet way of lighting adjoining paths is with brick lights such as the JCC Fresco Low Energy Brick Light. This ensures enough lighting at ground level while also cutting out glare.

Post lights such as the modern Endon Space LED Post allow safe passage along isolated paths. Floodlights are useful for lighting large outside spaces and provide a safe environment for all employees and visitors.

Bike sheds

Fluorescent tubes are fine in bike sheds, but the Eterna 11W IP65 LED Bulkhead also satisfies. This compact fitting has a built-in photocell to trigger light automatically at dusk.


CCTV deters criminals by capturing, relaying and saving video footage. You can remotely access cameras through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Lyco sells a wide range of CCTV equipment to keep your business and employees safe.

Lux measurement

Lux is a unit of illumination equal to one lumen of light spread evenly over a 1m² surface. It measures light intensity at the surface plane. As the distance of a lamp increases, so does the surface area that it lights, while light intensity (lux) decreases.

There are various light calculators available on the Internet, but a lux meter offers a cheap and reliable means of ensuring sufficient light for any application inside or outside a workplace.

Further info

For advice on related topics, please look at our security lighting feature. Our outdoor light buying guide may also be helpful.

For more useful information and advice please take a look at our Lighting Advice section.

Top 10 Outdoor Lights of 2014 (so far!)

The popularity of outdoor lights has grown enormously in recent years, as homeowners and businesses realise the after-dark potential of gardens and landscape areas. It’s fair to say that improvements in energy-efficient technology is one of the key reasons behind this awakened enthusiasm. Even though the halogen lamp still has a place as an unmatched high-quality light source, it is tough to beat the non-existent running costs of a solar-powered LED!

Knowing what is popular in any day and age is handy, especially when trying to decide what might be best for you, so here we bring together Lyco’s top 10 outdoor lights of 2014 so far…

10. Lots at stake

Focus stake lightThe Focus Garden Stake is a low-voltage garden spotlight with a durable aluminium construction. Its matt black finish blends well with green foliage. This stylish luminaire comes with an MR16 halogen lamp, for crisp, bright light and excellent colour rendering. Use it to highlight features such as shrubs, statues, rockeries, walls, and fences.

9. Safe and secure

Nighthawk LED security floodlight

The Nighthawk LED Security Floodlight includes a PIR motion sensor, which can be wired to trigger up to four NH150 floodlights when movement is detected. The Nighthawk has a broad 160°, 10-metre detection range, and includes an override facility. An array of top-branded Nichia LEDs emits a powerful 1100 lumens of cool white light, equal in strength to a 150W halogen lamp. Even better, this product is likely to last for decades under normal conditions of use.

8. Harnessing the Sun

Canterbury Solar Wall LightThe LED Solar Flush Wall Light exploits the young alliance of LED and solar technology. Stylishly designed from stainless steel, this weatherproof luminaire includes a dusk-to-dawn sensor for automatic overnight lighting. It yields 8 hours of illumination from a full charge.  The Canterbury is intended for decorative lighting only.

7. A flood of light

LED PIR Twin Floodlight
The LED PIR Floodlight is 90% more energy efficient than its 200W halogen equivalent, delivering a powerful 1030 lumens of cool white 5640K light. This ‘daylight’ colour temperature is useful in security lighting, since it appears brighter and a little starker than warm halogen lighting. A PIR motion sensor is integrated, which triggers light when activity is detected within a 180° 10-metre range. A dusk-to-dawn mode automatically switches the light on overnight.


6. Seeing round corners

Wells Corner LightThe Well Corner Light is a tough, shatter-resistant fitting, ideal for many commercial and residential applications. It comes supplied with standard and corner-mounting brackets, for extra installation choice. Also included is a bright 23W low-energy fluorescent bulb, which emits a substantial 1450 lumens of omnidirectional warm white light. This output is about equal to a 100W halogen lamp. Energy efficiency and affordability are attractively combined in this stylish luminaire.

5. Wet weather tubes

T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Fitting 5ft Twin
The Twin T8 Weatherproof Fluorescent Fitting is a great choice for industrial applications, delivering loads of light for relatively little cost. Its tough polycarbonate construction is dust-tight and resistant to low-pressure jets of water. When loaded with its required T8 tubes, you can expect a powerful 10,000 lumens of omnidirectional light. Choose this top-quality Dextra light for use in tunnels, workshops, utility areas, factories, boiler rooms, shower rooms and garages.

4. On the up!

Coach Wall Up Lantern with PIRThe ASD Coach Wall Up Lantern offers great value for money, with its high-quality weatherproof construction and included PIR motion sensor. The sensor automatically triggers light when it detects movement within a 6-metre 110° range. By linking this lantern to other fittings, several lamps are controllable by the same PIR sensor. The sensor can be overridden for manual operation. A ‘Quick Fit’ system enables fast installation and reduces the likelihood of error. Also popular is the similarly specified ASD Coach Half Lantern.

3. Two way lighting

Riga Wall Light
The Riga Wall Light produces an attractive up-and-down pattern of light. It comes complete with halogen GU10 bulbs, which is replaceable with LED retrofits if desired for improved energy efficiency. An IP44 rating denotes rain resistance. The Riga is a great choice of light for contemporary commercial or residential environments.


2. Another brick in the wall

Mono LED Brick LightThe Mono LED Brick Light perfectly occupies the space of a normal house brick. An IP65-rated luminaire, it is dust-tight and resistant to jets of water. Offering great value for money, this dedicated 2.16W LED luminaire is ideal for lighting patios and pathways outside any domestic or commercial premises.

1. A tale of two locations

Take a closer look at the Ground or Wall-mountable - GL7- LED Spotlight - Warm-WhiteThe Deltech GL7 LED Spotlight – Warm White is our most popular outdoor light, perfect for accenting garden features such as shrubs, grasses, statues, and rockeries. Superbly manufactured with a lacquered aluminium casing, this dedicated LED luminaire is dust-tight, resistant to jets of water, attractively priced, and economical to run.

So there you have it – the rundown of our current top 10 outdoor lights – we hope it helps guide you in your search for the perfect outdoor light for you. If you are looking for more options why not take a look at our full outdoor lighting range.

Alternatively if you want some more useful ideas why not check out our Lighting Advice section.

Security lighting – protect your premises

Whether you’re safeguarding a home or a business premises, security lighting is one of the more effective measures you’ll take against unwanted visitors. Before investing in security, try briefly adopting a criminal mindset so you can identify vulnerable parts of your building. Look for easy areas of concealment near doors and windows and trim any trees or shrubs that offer a natural hiding place or obscure vision.

As well as good security lighting, consider installing alarms, full security systems, CCTV, perimeter fencing and warning signs. Ensure your locks are sturdy. Sliding glass doors are a common unlawful entry point into homes. To counteract this, they can be fitted with dowel rods, security sensors, and shatter alarms. Screws and washers are sometimes inserted to prevent such doors being hoisted from their frame.

Lyco stocks various products to help thwart intruders and vandals, but we’ll primarily discuss security lighting.


There are two types of sensor typically used in outdoor security lights: PIR sensor and photocell (commonly called a dusk-to-dawn sensor).

The PIR sensor is essentially a motion sensor that detects changes in IR radiation. Any movement within a given range triggers light for a short, often adjustable duration.

A photocell measures ambient light levels and triggers light on and off at dusk and dawn, respectively. This creates the impression that a property may be occupied, acting as a useful deterrent.

Light technologies

All lighting technologies have particular advantages and disadvantages, which may affect your buying decision when choosing security lights. Here are some of the relevant factors:

  • Low-energy fluorescent lights are rarely used with PIR sensors because of their warm-up time, but this is less of an issue with dusk-to-dawn light sensors, where immediate bright light isn’t necessary. The ASD Horizon Bulkhead offers automatically tripped overnight lighting using an economical 2D fluorescent lamp. We now have an LED upgrade of this bestselling bulkhead, available here.
  • LED lighting offers numerous advantages outdoors, including reliable low-temperature performance, immediate full-power light (useful with PIR sensors), resistance to shock or vibration, and a naturally directional output that reduces light pollution. The Selene Solar Spotlights, for instance, can light an area at a distance of 20 metres with minimal light wasted outside of the spotlight beam.
  • Sodium lamps are often used in security lighting. They offer incredible energy efficiency, though colour rendering is relatively poor. A SON lamp allows some identification of colour, while a SOX lamp produces a monochromatic light that forfeits colour but heightens human perception of contrast. The Dextra 400W SON Floodlight with Photocell lights very large outdoor areas with a performance that may easily exceed 120 lumens per watt. It is ideal for industrial areas, building perimeters and car parks.

Home security lights

Security lights for the home needn’t be expensive, either to buy or run. The Coach Wall Up Lantern is available with or without a PIR sensor. A PIR light is useful for legitimate entry into a home as well as deterring intruders, and it saves the expense of running a permanently switched fitting.

Take a closer look at the Coach Wall Up LanternThe Nemi Globe Wall Light uses a photocell to automatically light the outside of any home overnight and switch itself off in the morning. This fitting is IP44 rated, which is a good all-round specification for rain proofing and resistance to dust.

Lighting doesn’t get any cheaper to run than when it’s solar-powered, with LED development opening up a whole new market in this area. LEDs are a low-voltage light source, so they feed very efficiently off a solar-charged battery and need remarkably little power. The Evo15 Solar PIR Utility Light is a security light that is free to run and can be discreetly installed outside the home.

Business security lights

Though there aren’t any strict definitions, business security lights will often be plainer in design and stronger in output — different to residential lights in ways you’d expect. The ESP Nighthawk LED Security Floodlight with built-in PIR sensor is a robust example.

Take a closer look at the Guardcam Security FloodlightThis 12W luminaire has a 10-metre, 160° range and projects a powerful 1100 lumens of light. Its Nichia LEDs have a mighty 91 lumens-per-watt output, which makes the manual override facility all the more attractive; this is an economical floodlight for general use, too. Nighthawk floodlights can be configured in a slave system, where multiple fittings are triggered by one PIR sensor or photocell.

Also from ESP is the Guard-Cam Security Floodlight, which not only lights up intruders with a powerful halogen lamp, but also records them with video or still images. An audio mode allows playback of a pre-recorded warning to say “you are being recorded by a security camera” and also has a barking dog option. You can even record your own politely phrased messages.


The presence of cameras is enough to dissuade most opportunist intruders from committing crime and gives any property owner peace of mind. Lyco sells a wide range of CCTV equipment, including convenient kits like the ESP CCTV Combi Unit with 8 External Cameras. Infrared cameras are often used, which project invisible IR light to effectively see in the dark as well as functioning normally during the day.Take a closer loko at the CCTV Combi Unit with 4 Cameras

Our CCTV security systems can be remotely monitored from PCs, tablets, or smartphones, with special apps available for iPhones or Android phones. Email alerts can also be set up, so you’ll immediately know if the security system has been set off.

Entry systems and locks

To supplement any security lighting or CCTV measures, Lyco offers a range of door entry systems, door locks, and bolts and padlocks. These help protect your property during normal hours of business as well as overnight.

A false sense of security

Most of us are guilty of occasionally leaving windows open, not bothering to switch on alarms, or concealing keys in obvious places. Contrary to the popular saying, criminals rarely return to the scene of the crime. Avoid making their job easy the first time round.

Take a look at our full security lighting range.

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