Decking Lights – adding that extra class

Decking lights are one of the most visually appealing and cost-effective ways to finish off any outside space – from your everyday domestic garden to larger commercial venues or hotels. But why not add an extra touch of class on top by installing some decking lights too? Lyco has a huge range of options to suit any project, from pin-sharp LED decking lights to powerful walkover lights, and you might be surprised at just how easy it is to install them too. Let’s take a closer look…

It’s easy to understand why decking is so popular these days: it’s an easy way of adding to your floor space, and serves as an natural link between indoor and outdoor areas, while the angular symmetry associated with decking and the rich colour and texture of the wood itself are undeniably easy on the eye.

Decking lights are ideal for taking full advantage of that visual appeal. By using multiple ground lights recessed into the wood itself rather than a single bright wall-mounted light source, you can bathe the area in a soft, elegant glow that makes the most of the aesthetic properties of wood itself.

Sound appealing? Then let’s check out some of the decking light options that are available, and the kind of settings they’re designed for.

LED deck lights

There’s nothing like LED lighting for a bit of discreet elegance. Available in white and blue, Lyco’s outdoor LED lights are not only weatherproof, but their sturdy construction ensures the LEDs themselves are well protected.

Simpson LED Walkover Lights: at just 25mm in diameter, this discreet lighting solution comes in a set of 10 LEDs. The lights themselves are sharp and crisp, and generate incredibly low levels of heat, so are perfectly safe to use near furniture, while IP65 weatherproofing and impact and vibration protection makes them ideal for hotels, restaurants and pubs.

Morris LED Walkover Lights - Set of 6 - WhiteMorris LED Walkover Lights – Set of 6 – White: bigger and brighter than the Simpson LEDs and also available in blue and white options, the Morris LED Walkover Lights offer the same weather-proofing, efficiency and low running temperature in a larger package. Sold in sets of six lights, this Walkover Lights package comes with 2m of cable for each light, plus a 4m power cable.

Plug and Play

The whole point behind Plug and Play lighting is to make installing outdoor lights so easy that anyone can do it, and so Plug and Play decking lights are perfect for domestic decking projects. That doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious, though: Plug and Play systems are easily scalable too, and you can mix and match different types of lights on the same system without hassle.

Umbra Halogen Ground Light: with its 115mm diameter and 20W halogen bulb, the Umbra ground light is perfectly capable of getting the job done on its own. But that would be a waste of Plug and Play. Combine it with other Garden Lights products, or indeed any Plug and Play-compatible lighting product, and you’ll have enough light for any decking project, small or large.Hybra LED Deck Lights

Hybra White LED Deck Light: give your decking project an injection of style with the attractive Plug and Play-compatible Hybra White LED Ground Light. The stainless steel body and transparent polycarbonate diffuser will be sure to turn heads, and come with IP44 weather-proofing and a three-year guarantee.

Astrum White LED Deck Light: think decking lights and you automatically think ground-based, but this versatile Astrum White LED light is just as effective mounted in gates and posts. Best of all, it’s Plug and Play compatible, so can easily be incorporated into an existing lighting setup without hassle.

Walkover lights

All outdoor lights have to be durable to some extent, but walkover lights are actually designed to be walked on (and in some cases even driven over), and are strong enough and weather-resistant enough to handle it. Many even offer IP67-rated protection, which means they can be placed up to 1m underwater – perfect for larger-scale decking projects such as hotel or restaurant exteriors.

Garland LED Walkover Lights: these IP68-rated lights are all about versatility: they are available in white or blue, and by incorporating a connector lead and transformer you can set up your lighting system just how you want it.Garland LED Walkover Lights (Set of 10)

Larch LED Ground Lights Set: another versatile performer, the Larch LED Ground Lights Set come in packs of three and can be added to with individual lights. Whilst arguably not quite in the same league as the Cassio lights, they are nonetheless great all-purpose low-voltage walkover lights that combines capability with affordability.

Decking for all

There’s no question that decking can add value and versatility to any property, whether domestic or commercial, and hopefully this guide has helped illuminate just how integral lighting can be to any decking project. The good news is you’re not lacking for choice, and innovations like Plug and Play have put impressive results within the reach of the beginner without compromising what can be achieved by more ambitious projects.

Take a look at our full range of decking lights.

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The Arc floor lamp – overhang gets a new name!

The Arc floor lamp isn’t part of a new range of floor lamps from one of the best known lighting manufacturers on the market. It is in fact what we until recently called an overhang floor lamp – those floor lamps that go up and then lean out, allowing you to specifically place your light where you want it.

What’s in a name

For some reason the popularity of the term ‘overhang’ has diminished and for no more than purely aesthetic reasons people have been drawn to a name which to be honest does sound a little less clumsy. So in all but name nothing has really changed! The same great range of overhanging floor lamps is available, but under a new, arguably improved banner.

The Arc Range

Lyco’s range of Arc Floor Lamps – our top picks
Joel Arc Floor Lamp


The Hudosn Floor Lamp is a simple and contemporary design, and a light head that can be precisely angled according to your needs.

Osaka Floor Lamp


The Linear Floor Lamp allows for plenty of adjustability and also features a USB port and shelf for a useful charging station.

Arvin Arc Lamp


The Watsie Floor Lamp  borrows from the vintage balanced-arm design of a traditional desk lamp, and looks like an oversized version. Made of metal it is a great quality lamp.


Dynamo Arc Floor Lamp - Antique Chrome

The Lucide Lorin Floor Lamp has an on trend design, the industrial style, exposed bulb allows you to choose an attractive decorative filament bulb, these come in all shapes, sizes and colours – so you can really create your own unique look.

Reaching out

Just as the collective name has been ‘improved’, it goes without saying that our range of Arc lamps will continue to grow, offering even more options.

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Simple guide to converting your lighting to LED

There’s never been a better time to convert your lighting to the very latest LED technology. The great news is that the price of LED bulbs has fallen drastically whilst the quality has got better and better.  Also LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than regular bulbs and last up to 50 times longer.  It’s a real win, win!

After almost 20 years in lighting we like to think of ourselves as your Lighting Experts. We understand all lighting including LED. We have already helped 1000s of customers convert to LED with little or no inconvenience along the way so why not let us help you?

Here is our step-by-step guide to saving ££££s on your ever increasing energy bills:

Step 1 – Survey

Call us and we can help you undertake a simple survey of your premises. This can probably be carried out over the phone but otherwise we might need to visit your premises and carry out an on-site survey. From this we can produce a quick report and show you the savings that can be made by switching to LED.

Step 2 – Product Selection

We will make suggestions as to the best products that will meet your needs. We will take into consideration such things as light level requirements, dimming and use in order to recommend the optimum products. We offer LED from the major manufacturers and will always offer you the best option, not the most expensive!

Step 3 – The Plan

Depending on the size of your premises we will help you devise a plan to convert your lighting. We will help you look for the ‘quick wins’ and assist with testing and installing. We will make sure all the items you require are delivered before you are ready to start the installation.

Step 4 – Installation

We can offer a full installation service or we can guide you or your maintenance team through the installation process. Whether you are using us to install your lighting or not, we will always be there to ‘hold your hand’ through the entire process.

Step 5 – Start Saving

As soon as you have switched to LED you will start saving money.  Depending on the size of your building you could see a return on your original cost in as little as 6 months.

Start the switch today!

We make it sound simple because with the right help switching to LED lighting is! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to offer some sound advice and start you on the path to improving your lighting efficiency, whilst saving you money at the same time.

If you would like to find out what sort of savings you can make by converting to LED take a look at our ‘How much will I save’ article.

Here are two examples of satisfied customers who Lyco have helped convert over to LED:

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Adding helpful energy labelling information, the EU way…

Adding Helpful Energy Labelling Information, The EU Way…

As you may be aware the latest batch of EU regulations 874/2012, specific to the labelling of electrical lamps and luminaires, have now come into force.

These regulations are aimed specifically at offline lighting businesses. However, in the interest of providing our customers with as much useful information as possible to allow them to make an informed choice, Lyco will be displaying these labels online alongside relevant products where available.

Energy efficiency labels

An example of energy efficient labelling for light fittings and bulbsThe labels themselves are a guide to show you what type of bulb is suitable to be used in a particular fitting, allowing you to choose the efficiency rating to suit your preference / requirement.

These labels are already used on white and brown goods (kitchen appliances, TVs, etc) and are only relevant to domestic light fittings. Commercial fittings such as emergency lighting and fluorescents are currently excluded from this labelling requirement.

Commitment to quality

The requirement for this labelling is only on new products on sale from the 1st March 2014 but we will endeavour to add an labels available to any products which were on sale prior to this legislation as part of our on-going commitment to providing the best quality of information available to our customers.

If you have any further queries about this labelling please do not hesitate to contact our customer services, who will be happy to help.

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Touch lamps – how they work & where they shine

Touch lamps are generally found by most people who have purchased them to be more convenient than conventional lamps. This is because you don’t have to feel your way along a cable or clutch at the lamp-holder when you need light. Touch lamps usually offer a much more generous target than a discreet on/off toggle switch. You simply need to touch the base or another metal part.

In addition to sheer practicality, touch control also offers aesthetic potential. Lighting designers can make modern lights simpler, more minimalistic, with clean, imaginative designs. They don’t have to ponder the position of the switch, and you don’t have to fumble for it. The same is true of traditional lamps, where the emphasis is often on elegant lines. All styles of table or desk lamp can benefit.

How touch lamps work

Once past the novelty factor, a touch switch is an intuitive way of operating things—not unlike the touch screen on most smart phones. In fact, the technology in a touch lamp is akin to a capacitive touch screen, relying on electricity stored in the human body for operation.


With a touch lamp, the base and other metal parts act almost like an antenna, loaded with a feeble electric charge that is harmless to humans. When the lamp is touched the human body effectively adds to the capacitance (electrical storage capacity) of the lamp, and the memory circuit that detects this change toggles the light on or off.

Dimming control

Many touch lamps allow dimming control as well as simple on/off functionality. This works in a similar way, with memory circuitry altering the power reaching the bulb in increments. Touching the lamp base switches the light on, and brightness alters with each subsequent touch. The final touch switches the light off again.

In touch with the right light

For practical reasons, touch technology is most used in lamps within arm’s reach, and tends not to be found in floor lamps. Most touch lamps are either desk or table lamps.

There are different types of lamps to suited to different locations. Here we take a look at some touch lamps and where they would look best:


A bedside table lamp is useful for complementary lighting, and doubles as a handy reading light. For the traditional bedroom, the set of two Gloucester Touch Lamps are ideal. These lamps offer dimming control and have an antique brass finish with Alabaster glass shades.

For the modern bedroom the Lucide Len blends easily with many styles of décor.


Although regular table lamps can be used in an office, a more specific office light is the desk lamp. This is usually defined by it possessing an adjustable head.

Look for different finishes to suit either a contemporary or traditional office. We have desk lamps available in chrome, brass, and black.

Living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways

In a living room, dining room, or hallway, a table lamp usually provides complementary lighting. It brightens corners or alcoves, maximises space and creates mood. In a hallway it has a welcoming role to play. Multi-layered lighting is one of the key components in successful interior design.

Convenient to operate is the decorative Tyso Table Lamp, in an antique brass finish. With a gold-coloured shade, warm brass finish and touch control dimming it can certainly help create a welcoming, relaxing ambience. The Lucide Paolo on the other hand is perfect for adding sparkle to a room, with its patterned silver style and decorative lighting pattern shade. However, for simple elegance, the Suzie Touch Lamp is difficult to beat. Its satin chrome base is complemented by a faux-suede cream shade. This classy touch-dimmable lamp is ideal for a contemporary home or hospitality premises.

Touch and go

Often, the simplest inventions are the ones we appreciate most. They make life just that little bit easier. With a touch lamp, light is only ever an instant away.

Still not found exactly what you’re looking for? Take a look at our full range of touch lamps

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Task lighting gets the job done

Light is never more important than when there is a job to be done. Normal room lighting may be sufficient for most activities but there are times when you need a degree of focused light to highlight things in greater detail, in order to complete the task. And that’s where task lighting comes in!

These days there is task lighting to suit just about every kind of work or leisure activity. In this article we identify some of the more common tasks and put forward some lighting solutions to help you achieve that task.

Magnifier lights for close up work

Fine craftwork, such as needlework, miniature model making or artwork, or repairing intricate mechanisms like watches, involves handling very small components. Not only are they difficult to see but human fingers are so large in comparison that handling is also tricky. That is where magnifier lights are so useful.

Lamps like the Stora Magnifying Desk Light  with 1.75 X magnification make those small parts seem more manageable as well as saving eyestrain. It’s great for cross-stitch or tapestry work and even for reading books with tiny print.

If the task in hand calls for a magnifying mirror and task lighting, the Illuminated Swing Arm Magnifying Mirror provides both in one good-looking wall mounted unit.

Lights for reading the written word

People still read books, printed on paper and bound between covers. Some of the most popular task lighting products are reading lamps. Armchairs and beds are popular locations for enjoying a good book and both can be made more reader-friendly. And with the latter you ideally want a light that you can turn off whilst in bed, meaning you don’t disturb your partner.

The solution is a reading lamp which can focus its light on your book without lighting up the room. We recommend three task lighting products for this purpose. The Klosters Reading Light  in wood and chrome combines a bedside lamp with a small LED light at the end of a flexible arm, separately switched and infinitely adjustable to shine only on your page. It is usually wall mounted over the head of the bed.

The Arosa Reading Light does the same job but is styled differently and has an all polished chrome finish. Another wall mounted reading light is the Chamonix. Again this light combines the normal wall light with a small LED light on a flexible stalk for discreet reading in bed.

Working at your desk

In an office, whether in a commercial building or a home office, eyestrain from bright overhead lighting combined with fatigue can lead to lack of concentration. This obstacle to getting work completed can be avoided or at least minimised by task lighting. Desk Lamps can make all the difference.

A well designed desk lamp concentrates light on the desk top whilst preventing stray light showing upwards. Lyco recommend two excellent examples. For a traditional look, reminiscent of the grand bank managers’ offices of yesteryear, try the Banker Desk Light. Efficient as well as elegant, it is perfect for a solicitor’s office or your office at home.

Alternatively more contemporary but still elegant and highly efficient, is the Alpha Desk Light range. The Alpha lamps are all dimmable in three stages just by touch.

Hobby friendly lighting

Sometimes you need a light that can double as a useful task light and a normal everyday light. Swing Arm Lamps like the antique brass Junius Wall Light are perfect for situations where you want a neat, attractive wall light for most of the time that can be swung out over a craft table or desk when you wish to pursue your hobby. If you prefer your task lighting in a more contemporary, functional design, the Searchlight Low Energy Swing Arm Reading Light will provide another elegant solution.

Picture light perfect

On a slightly different note, task lighting also includes where a light is required to perform a specific task and illuminate a particular focus, such as a painting. In this respect picture lights fall under the task light banner. They are tasked with showing off your artwork to those within viewing distance. And as well as providing the correct level of light it almost goes without saying that they must complement the artwork itself in terms of looks.

With that in mind, our range includes the sleek and stylish Manet LED picture light, which offers a cool white image-friendly light and 180 degree tilt capability. As an alternative to LED you could opt for the more traditional Da Vinci picture light, which utilises two pygmy bulbs to light up your desired artwork.

I’m sure there are many more tasks that we could cover but for now hopefully these will provide some good options to maintain your concentration levels, reduce those tired eyes and enhance your enjoyment of the things on show. Most of all they should help you get the job done!

Need more options? Then take a look at our full range of Task Lights?

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What is a squirrel cage bulb?

Most of us are familiar with the classic pear-shaped household bulb, but what is a squirrel cage bulb? These bulbs appeared in the earliest years of the 20th century, when lighting companies were competing to develop metal filaments. The carbon or metal filament was threaded up and down using support hooks until it resembled a squirrel cage, hence the name.

Back in fashion – the attraction

35W Calex Goldline Rustic Bulb with bayonet cap fitting

Today, squirrel cage bulbs are making a comeback, with increasing popularity in restaurants, bars, and homes. Still using the classic 100-year-old design (including the dimple of blown glass) these bulbs are mesmerising to look at. Their warm-glowing filaments have a calming effect similar to a traditional wax candle, or fireplace.

Lyco sell a selection of squirrel cage bulbs in either E27 Edison Screw or B22 bayonet cap fittings. One notable thing about these bulbs is their 2000K colour temperature. This is warmer in hue than standard 2700K incandescent lamps, which helps in creating a restful mood. To emphasise their fireside effect, some models also have gold-tinted glass.

Urban Renewal Bronze Pendant Light

Choosing the right fitting

An often ignored aspect of choosing a light fitting is the type of bulb to be used. The perfect foil for a decorative bulb can only be an open or clear-finished fitting. The Ricky Ceiling Pendant is ideal for a squirrel cage bulb, and makes a great choice of ceiling light for stylish restaurants and bars.

The Oris 4-Light Bar Pendant acts as the perfect bulb-display cabinet. This modern statement light is ideal for showing off squirrel cage bulbs, and is stunning over a kitchen island or counter. The warmth of light and gorgeous-looking bulbs will set the scene for intimate meals or midnight snacks.

Back to the future

In recent years, comparatively new technologies such as LED have forever changed artificial lighting. However, there’s still demand for the high-quality light of a filament bulb. Most incandescent bulbs have been phased out by EU legislation for their inefficiency, but the squirrel cage bulb has returned. This bewitching lamp delivers light from a bygone age, and reminds us that not everything is lost.

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