BMI benefits from Lyco LED lighting conversion

BMI Healthcare is committed to reducing energy consumption across the business and earlier this year embarked on a programme to convert to LED lighting across all 74 sites.  Working in partnership with Lyco Direct Limited, who have a proven track record in LED conversion and almost twenty years of experience in commercial lighting, the project has already produced impressive results.  Half of BMI’s spend on lighting is now on LEDs and this is set to increase.

LED lights, such as cool white LED panels, spotlights and coloured LED bulbs, have been placed in corridors, public areas, Reception, offices and patient rooms to name but a few.

Company Benefits

So what are the benefits of LED lighting? Primarily LED lights are far more energy efficient than conventional lights, saving up to 80% in energy costs.  Each LED has an incredible lifespan of up to 50 times longer than a standard bulb, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. Hard-wearing, these LEDs also have low heat emissions, which therefore reduce fire risk.  Putting all these factors together the result is a significant reduction in BMI’s carbon footprint.

Staff Benefits

To celebrate this successful partnership and the roll-out of the LED conversion programme, BMI and Lyco have introduced a staff purchase scheme enabling all BMI staff to purchase lighting for their home at a discounted rate direct from Lyco.  A flyer giving further details of this promotion will be sent out to all staff via e-mail.

Charles Barnett, Managing Director of Lyco Direct Ltd said “We are delighted with the success of this project to date and look forward to working closely with BMI Healthcare to complete a full LED refurbishment programme.”

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Outdoor lighting to attact more patrons

Everyone loves sitting outside in the pub or hotel garden during the summer with their favourite tipple or refreshment, but the winter months aren’t quite so enticing. Having stylish LED outdoor lighting can encourage patrons to enjoy the outer edges of your premises even in the most unbecoming of weather. Patrons who are visible to passers by in themselves are worth their weight in gold as they show off the popularity of your establishment, which in turn attracts more customers.

Lighting the way to enjoyment

One way to enhance your outdoor image through lighting is to install LED Walkover Lights in your public garden areas. These super efficient and stylish lights are specifically designed to be recessed into decking, patios and pathways. They can withstand people walking over them and some are even strong enough for drive over applications as well, making them perfect for car park areas (please check exact specifications when purchasing to ensure suitability).

LED walkover lights come in a choice of white or blue light and are completely rainproof, which means that the lights won’t fail. Really simple to install and available in a range of fantastic designs, many models come with decking clips and sleeves for mounting the lights into concrete.

Stylish lights to complement

Walkways aren’t the only way to make your premises more attractive to customers. Lyco also have an extensive range of super stylish outdoor lighting including garden and wall lights, all of which benefits from the latest LED technology. Placed together with the walkover lights (or even on their own) they should entice fun loving customers outdoors in even the drabbest of weather.

Making your outdoor lighting last

Please bear in mind that any outdoor lighting exposed to the British weather needs to be hardy but if you are located within ten miles of the coast you will need to adhere to some basic rules in order to ensure your lighting lasts as long as it should.

Why not take a look at out full range of LED outdoor lighting?

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Buying Guide – Heaters

There are various types of heaters available, each with their own set of advantages, disadvantages and uses for certain situations. For instance:

  • Need a low constant background heat? – a panel heater may be what you need
  • Need to warm an infrequently occupied room? – a wall-mounted fan heater may offer the best solution.

Each situation offers a unique heating challenge. In these days of ever rising heating costs, no one wants to waste energy and pay needless heating bills. Efficiency is definitely the watchword here and with that in mind we have put together a simple heater guide. It explains the different heater types and helps you select the best one for your overall heating requirement – saving you money, whilst keeping you warm.

Convection Heating

Convection heating works by passing the air over an element to warm it up and then circulating it back into the room. There are two types of electric heaters that utilize convection heating technology: convector heaters and panel heaters.

Convector Heaters

Convector heaters are a good choice for medium-sized rooms where an even temperature needs to be maintained. They provide heat fast, are very quiet and are light and easy to manoeuvre. There are free standing or wall mounted versions available, whilst many do both. Free standing convector heaters are great for using in temporary buildings and workspaces and when buildings are being refurbished.

Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are designed for smaller rooms requiring constant low-level background heat. Benefits include their slim, space-saving design and low running costs. Their unobtrusive size makes them particularly useful in bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

All our models of convector and panel heaters include a thermostat to control the temperature, as well as overheat protection which automatically turns the heater off if the warm air grill gets blocked.

Oil-Free and Oil-Filled Radiators

Oil filled heater image

Radiators are somewhat misnamed, most of the heat that comes from them is actually by convection. Radiators heat the air that flows past them. As the air warms it rises away from the radiator and the colder air falls. This causes the air to begin to circulate around the room and the colder air is warmed as it passes the radiator.

Oil-Filled radiator

Oil-filled radiators have a large surface area, making them a great choice for heating larger sized rooms. Once the oil has been warmed up, electricity consumption stops and the oil retains heat for a long time. They are a reliable and economical source of heat and as there is no fan they are virtually silent, create no dust and don’t dry out the air. There are even mini, more energy efficient oil heaters available for smaller rooms.

Oil-Free radiator

Oil-free radiators use a unique oil-free, environmentally friendly heating technology to heat a room quicker and more efficiently than traditional oil-filled radiators. They have the same attributes as oil-filled radiators but are more heat effective, faster to warm up and tend to be lighter and easier to move.

Other Heater Types

Infra-Red heater

Infra-red heaters produce instant and directional hot air, providing fast heat. They are a safe and practical way to heat kitchens, bathrooms and work areas – anywhere were localized heating is required in fact.

Fan heater

Fan heaters are a great portable heating solution for workshops, garages, warehouses and office environments. They provide fast, directional heat and can be brought out when necessary and easily and safely stored for the rest of the time. Wall-mounted fan heaters are recommended for meeting halls and conference rooms, where heating is only required for relatively short periods of time.

Bathroom wall heater

Bathroom wall heaters have a compact, space-saving design, are quick and easy to install and provide fast warm-up with good air circulation.

Heated air curtain

Air curtain heater image

Heated air curtains are the efficient way to keep heat inside and the cold out. They are ideal for doorways of shops, hotels, and offices.

Here at Lyco, we stock a full range of heaters to suit most requirements and are always at the end of the phone to answer any queries you may have.

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Christmas lighting – decorative lights to impress

Regardless of the type of business you’re running, the way you celebrate Christmas is an important consideration. In a hospitality setting such as a hotel, pub, or restaurant, attention to detail during the festive season couldn’t be more important. Other premises such as hospitals, care homes, public buildings, and even private offices are also affected by Christmas.

Keeping visitors, patients, and staff in good spirits is naturally a good thing. It shows people inside and outside your business that you care, so investment in decorative lighting for the Christmas period always has value. At a dark time of year when many could use some cheer, a good display of lights can help boost morale amongst staff and easily attract customers. Lyco offer a variety of products that add to the Christmas theme…

Keeping things traditional

We’ll start with something traditional. The Weatherproof Lighting Festoon is usable indoors or out and includes a 22m double-insulated cable lined with 20 bulb-holders. With its IP54 rating you can be sure this product is rainproof. All you need do is buy 20 inexpensive

Weatherproof Lighting Festoons

bulbs in the colours of your choice for bright and joyful decorative lighting.

Lyco sells compatible 25W bulbs for this festoon in seven colours, so you can swap different bulbs for various occasions throughout the year. Festoons are available up to 50m long, too, making this an easy and inexpensive option for buildings of all sizes.

Seasonal solar and LED

Many types of light create a welcoming ambience at Christmas, but one technology that has completely changed lighting is LED. Cheap to run and long-lasting, LEDs are also small, tough, and perform well at low temperatures – so they make great outdoor lights for December!

Because LED lighting is so low-powered, it combines well with solar energy to effectively create free lighting after initial investment.

One of the other great advantages in solar-powered lights is that you can position them almost anywhere. The white-only Everbright Solar Fairy Lights look fantastically festive when wrapped around trees and shrubs. With an IP56 rating, these lights can even be jet-cleaned with no ill effect.

A low-priced set of LED solar-powered lights is available in the Bling String 100 Solar LED Lights. These stay lit for up to 10 hours once fully charged and have a built-in photocell for automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting. The Bling String’s white LEDs can also be switched on and off manually, and with a choice of static or flashing light effects.

During the long dark evenings of December, a mood-enhancing, soothing light can be a comfort. The Dett Outdoor Floor Light emits a soft and flattering widespread light. This light is cheap to run, using low-energy fluorescent bulbs, and can be moved outdoors.

Putting on the Christmas style

With general room lighting turned down low, the soft glow of the SLV Lipsy and Dett floor lights add to Christmas ambience. Alternatively, place them in a garden, where their gentle illumination creates an enchanting atmosphere around garden features.

To add a dash of seasonal sophistication to the front of a hospitality premises, the Konstsmide Lucca Exterior Floor Lamp in green doesn’t go far amiss. Complementary in colour to a Christmas tree, this fitting is entirely weatherproof with an IP44 certification.

Taking it a step further

One of Lyco’s favourite ornamental light is the Cube 20, which is great for showing off plants and shrubs by night. Each translucent white pot houses 15 LED lights, emitting a cool glow that’ll turn any garden or patio into a winter wonderland.

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Fisherman lights showcase

If you’re buying lights for a hospitality premises or the home, old-fashioned design is an easy way of creating charm and ambience. Objects that were once purely functional have a habit of becoming decorative and meaningful. Fisherman lights are a case in point.

In olden days these were often cheaply made of iron or tinplate, with a glass enclosure around an oil-burning wick or mantle. Modern versions retain the glass enclosure, containing a lampholder and bulb. A metal shade sits over the glass and reflects light downwards.

One lighting supplier that excels at this type of nautical design is Searchlight. It offers a wide choice of fisherman light fittings in traditional or modern styles.

About Searchlight

Founded in 1945, Searchlight is a Manchester based family-owned business now into its third generation. It has a worldwide reputation for designing and supplying high-quality light fittings. They have access to state-of-the-art metal forming, glass bending, and brass/sand cast facilities, which allows them to produce a vast range of decorative lighting. All Searchlight products are engineered to meet or exceed the standards set out by EU Regulations or the British Standards Institute.

Fisherman light range

The Searchlight Fisherman lighting range includes a variety of ceiling pendants and wall lights, all offering great value for money without cutting corners on quality.

A common theme throughout is the classic glass-domed fisherman light, or lantern, and yet the range includes both traditional and modern light fittings. Searchlight’s Fisherman lights come in a variety of finishes, with some models using an old style of seeded glass in their construction – common in the 18th and 19th centuries. As we’re about to discover, there is a light in the Fisherman range to suit most needs…

Fisherman single pendants

Searchlight Fisherman single pendants are popular for their traditional good looks, high-quality construction, and value for money.

Fisherman Pendant LightsThe single pendants come in extra-large, large, and baby sizes, and in a wide variety of finishes. Clear or seeded glass diffusers are used. Seeded glass is an old style of glass with a bubbly, wavy finish. It produces a softer light than clear glass with reduced glare (choice of bulb finish also affects this).

If you live in an old house without an earthed lighting circuit, the baby Fisherman pendants make a suitable choice. They are Class 2 double-insulated fittings that don’t require an earthwire.

Among Lyco’s best-selling fittings are the large, traditional Fisherman pendants in satin silver, or black finishes. These come with a clear glass diffuser, and are a fantastic choice of lighting for hallways, dining rooms, and wire.

Fisherman 3-light pendants

Fisherman 3 Light Ceiling PendantHighly decorative, the Fisherman 3-light pendants make a fine choice for a traditional dining room, living room, or kitchen. Searchlight uses oval-shaped seeded glass diffusers in these fittings, which enhances their antique appearance whilst also softening and dispersing their light. These pendants look stunning with their satin silver or antique brass shade finishes.

Fisherman single bracket wall lights

For a co-ordinated lighting scheme with different types of light, Fisherman single bracket wall lights are also available in a choice of metal finishes. These fittings have an oval-shaped diffuser with a seeded glass finish, which complement the 3-light pendants and single baby pendants, particularly.Fisherman Wall Lights An independent on/off pull cord does away with the need to operate the fitting from the wall. These lights will adorn any traditional dining room, living room, or hallway with their good looks.

As you can see Fisherman lights combine the style of the past with the technology of the present, creating lighting solutions for all locations.

Why not take a look at our full range of Fisherman lights?

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