Seeing the light in 2013

BMI Healthcare is set to deliver big reductions in energy consumption and Co2 emissions in 2013 when it upgrades its lighting.

After extensive negotiations involving Buyer Peter Bell, Group Chief Engineer Steven Buchan, and Group environmental Manager Alan Sweeting, BMI Healthcare’s energy saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights will be supplied by Lyco Direct Ltd.

LED lighting technology is now the industry benchmark, both technologically and environmentally in the lighting industry. It offers major reductions in energy consumption, with some common fittings consuming as little as 10% of the power of a conventional design for the same light output. They also offer massively increased durability, and in some cases as much as 10-15 times the lifespan of a halogen or traditional compact fluorescent lamp.

Over the months and years to come the Facilities Service will replace existing lights within its existing planned & preventative maintenance (PPM) Budget. Commenting on the deal, Alan said: “Moving from old tungsten halogen and fluorescent lights to LEDs will generate less heat, waste, electricity consumption and Co2 emissions and makes business sense.” Charles Barnett, Managing Director of Lyco Direct Ltd is delighted to extend the existing relationship with BMI Healthcare. ” These lights are innovative and environmentally responsible products, so I’m pleased that BMI Healthcare has chosen them.”

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Lyco Direct – New website takes buying business lighting to the next level

Press release: 17th Jan 2013


UK Businesses looking to purchase lighting products and other supplies on the internet at a competitive price will now find the task much easier thanks to a major re-design and re-launch of Lyco Direct’s website:

The multi-award winning B2B company has designed their website to perfectly reflect its position as a leading player and expert in the commercial lighting market. As part of a continuing policy to offer great service and value for money to customers, the new website introduces a range of new features to produce a faster, more efficient and enjoyable way to purchase lighting and business supplies.

Renowned for supplying the best in commercial light bulbs, light fittings and everyday business supplies to the entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and education industries, Lyco’s new website enhances their customers’ ability to get exactly what they want for their business in a single visit.

Another key new feature on the website is the introduction of a dedicated LED Lighting section. This area of lighting technology has seen a huge rise in interest in recent times as businesses look to lower costs and improve efficiency.

The new website offers:

  • A sleek modern layout
  • Sharper product imagery
  • Enhanced filtering and navigation
  • Improved search facility
  • More detailed product information
  • Colour coding to link the site to the printed catalogue
  • Easier navigation through to shopping basket and ‘market leading’ checkout
  • A range of inspiration, guides and news to help make informed choices

Lyco Direct’s Managing Director Charles Barnett says “For nearly twenty years we have been delivering the best lighting products on the market to our customers, backed by our exemplary service. Our aim is to stay at the forefront of the UK lighting industry and I feel that this great new website firmly keeps us up there. We have listened to our customers and have used their feedback when redesigning the website. I can confidently say that this website keeps pace with the needs of online shoppers and in doing so takes our commitment to our customers to the next level.”

Feel free to contact us for further information on the launch of the all -new lyco website.

For more news about Lyco Direct try our Lighting News section, alternatively try our Lighting Advice section for some great lighting ideas and guidance.