Why Henry hoover is a vacuum star

Vacuuming isn’t a task that brings a smile to most people’s faces, but one chirpy character has been keeping floors clean with a smile on his face for over 30 years.

Henry, Numatic’s smiley red dust-buster, is the vacuum world’s very own celebrity – instantly recognisable all over the world. Born in Britain in 1981,  ‘Henry Hoover‘, as he is affectionately referred to most, is the industry’s very own David Beckham.

Technology has improved dramatically over the last 30 years, and a wave of new and exciting vacuums have hit the market, but Henry is here to stay. He’s even brought his family along to help with the cleaning.

Henry history

It all started in 1968, when Numatic’s founder and owner, Chris Duncan, set out to make a vacuum cleaner from oil drums, with attached carrier handles adapted from suitcases and wheels made from furniture castors. Henry’s smiley face was Duncan’s idea too; he wanted to create a friendly companion for late night and early morning cleaning staff.

In 1981 ‘Henry Hoover’ arrived, mainly cleaning the floors of schools and hospitals, where it was seen by a lot of people who fell in love with the little fella. The vacuum was originally designed for commercial use, but Henry now finds himself cleaning the carpets in homes all around the world too. Numatic make 4,500 products a day, many of which are Henry vacuums (and family members), of which 40% are shipped overseas.

Today, there’s an army of over 7 million Henry vacuums spread across the globe.

Henry the great

So why is Henry Hoover so popular? Well, Numatic’s owner, Chris Duncan, put it best when he said, “it’s simple, relatively cheap, and comes out of the robust tradition of commercial rather than domestic cleaners.”

Ultimately Henry is popular because he’s a great vacuum cleaner. He has a simple design, which is easy to carry, maneuver and store, and it has a powerful suction system that effectively removes the dirt from your floors. It was designed to deal with hard-to-clean commercial floors, and that extra power has been a real hit for homeowners as well as businesses.

The latest iteration of Henry features a full TwinFlo’, two-stage, 1200w professional motor, designed to provide more power but less noise. An AutoSave system helps to conserve energy while vacuuming, using 50% of Henry’s potential power, as well as being 20% less noisy and providing 30% better air quality. However, if you’re cleaning really dirty floors, a flick of a switch increases Henry’s suction power. And although he may look compact, Henry has quite an appetite – he can hold up to 9-litres of dust and dirt, so you won’t have to regularly change his dust bag.

A 10m cable gives you the flexibility needed to easily maneuver Henry around furniture and tight corners. The cord rewinds into Henry when he’s not in use too, making the happy vacuum easy to store away.

Meet the family

After years of doing all of the cleaning himself, Henry has brought his family along to help him out:


Hetty (short for Henrietta) is Henry’s sister. Anything that Henry can do, Hetty can do too. The only difference is that she comes in a pretty pink colour, and has long eyelashes.


Look at James as the young brother of the family, an enthusiastic member who likes to whizz around and keep your floors clean. He features a new cable tidy system that makes it easy to keep him looking neat, and to store him away, after use. His EcoTwin long life motor keeps the noise levels low and saves energy on previous Henry models. It also shares the same AutoSave settings as Henry.


Charles is a real grafter, capable of cleaning for 300 hours without a break. What’s more, he’s not afraid of a bit of water, so you can use him to vacuum up spillages as well as dust and dirt. He has a 9-litre capacity for dry mess and 15 litres for wet use. Charles comes with a safety float valve, a commercial filter for dry use, and a 10-piece accessory kit with stainless steel suction tubes.


George is the multi-talented member of the family, capable of cleaning dry floors, wet floors, carpets, hard-floors and even unblocking the sink! George has a 3-stage filtration system that cleans to hospital standards, so he makes a great choice for commercial areas, which regularly need to be cleaned to a really high standard.

Henry Xtra

Henry Xtra is a beefed up version of the immensely popular Henry model. It features an Airo Power brush, which is even better at removing stubborn dirt and pet hairs from deep carpets. It’s a good choice for carpeted commercial buildings and pet owners, and also comes with a charcoal activated filter for removing unpleasant odours.


Harry (POA) is the pet lover of the Henry family, designed to remove stubborn pet hairs from floors and remove unpleasant pet odours. He shares the same specifications as Henry and Hetty, but has a couple of additional features. These include a dual purpose HairoBrush, designed to pick up hair on the floor and on upholstery and fabrics, and a MicroFresh charcoal filter for keeping the air fresh.

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Modern chandeliers – when to use one

Modern chandeliers are simply an updated version of a type of light fitting that has been popular for centuries. They owe their name to their original purpose which was to hold candles. Back in medieval times or even earlier, houses usually consisted of one large covered space used by the whole household for everything, eating, sleeping, and all the usual domestic activities. Indeed in larger houses several families might well have occupied one “Great Hall”. After dark, one candle wasn’t much use in such a hall but people found that by fastening two pieces of wood together in the form of a cross with an upward pointing spike on the end of each cross-piece, sticking candles on each spike, no doubt the original “four candles,” and hoisting the whole assembly above the heads of the people they got much more light.

History of chandeliers

Over the centuries chandeliers became more and more elaborate with the number of candles increasing and decorative crystal droplets being added to reflect and refract light adding to the overall effect. Then came electricity and the modern chandeliers we know today took the place of candle lit fittings. Chandeliers probably reached the peak of their popularity in the 17th 18th and 19th centuries when the great houses enjoyed their heyday.

Since then their popularity has continued despite the decline in the fortunes of the great houses. There may be fewer of the classic mansions of the rich and famous with their huge rooms but today’s modern chandeliers have found other markets. Large hotels and places of entertainment with their large reception rooms and ballrooms are ideal situations for large and elaborate chandeliers. Electric lights don’t leave sooty deposits so that modern chandeliers are much easier to keep clean than their candle-lit forebears. In fact, now that hotels and other public buildings are all no –smoking areas, annual cleaning is usually sufficient. Maintenance really amounts to just that and replacing the occasional expired bulb. Even that is needed less frequently if, as highly recommended, low energy or LED bulbs are used to save on energy costs and improve green credentials.

Chandelier placement

Install modern chandeliers in large public rooms and areas where normal ceiling lights just don’t cut it! Chandeliers will give such rooms that look of luxury and opulence that makes the premises stand out from the crowd and at relatively modest cost too! That touch of flamboyance works particularly well when the building is a re-furbished old mansion. You need classic lighting for classic rooms and the subtle touch of glass in a chandelier gives exactly that. If you happen to have the task of fitting out a luxury liner then really nothing else will do for the classy restaurants, lounges and ballrooms.

Contemporary chandeliers

Lyco Direct is where you’ll find the modern chandeliers you need to make that big bold statement with your new lighting. There you’ll find chandeliers ranging in size from the 8 arm Poesy at ¾ metre diameter down to the more compact but no less elegant Charleston 3 Light Chandelier” Charleston 3 light chandelier at just 380mm diameter, less than ½ a metre.  That means that modern chandeliers are no longer exclusively suitable for large public rooms and the mansions of megastars and footballers!

The more compact designs are ideal for the lounge of a normal house. You too can make that bold statement without going over the top. So if a simple ceiling lamp doesn’t provide quite the effect you want have a good look at modern chandeliers. They’ll do the trick every time!

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