Commercial Lighting Explored

Commercial lighting in the 21st Century is a far cry from the hanging bulbs with enamel coolie hat shades or the cold harsh glare from fluorescent tubes of yesteryear. Now the choice of commercial light fittings available is almost unlimited. In this feature we look at some of the best commercial lighting options available, with a big focus fluorescent based lighting options.

Release your inner designer

Lighting has become an essential part of the designer’s toolkit, particularly commercial lighting because in many ways it is commercial buildings that present the greatest challenges to the designer’s skills whilst at the same time providing him or her with the greatest scope. Skilful use of light and shade are recognised as being of the utmost importance in creating an environment that is not only practical and efficient as a workplace but also a pleasant and comfortable place to be in.

The “Designer,” in this context may be a shop fitter or an electrician whose customer relies on them to advise on the most suitable commercial light fittings to use in particular situations. Their knowledge and experience of commercial lighting enables them to do so.

Size efficient batten lighting

Fluorescent battens may be the most appropriate for general illumination, such as the Lyco Undergraduate range of High Frequency luminaires . These offer increased efficiency with long life due to their sturdy construction. Prismatic diffusers not only provide a more even spread of light but also protect the tubes from dust and damage. Being so robust these luminaires are easy to handle and transport, making the contractor’s life a little less stressful!

Smaller and softer lighting

Much of the art in commercial lighting lies in selecting just the right luminaires for a particular area. While the Undergraduate range may be ideal for larger areas, in smaller spaces  ASD Lighting’s Profile Ceiling Light may be more appropriate with the added advantage of being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Recessed commercial lighting

Luminaires flush with the ceiling have great appeal and there the fluorescent fitting leads the field. That’s particularly efficient in the High Frequency models with their flicker-free light, low heat output and silent operation.

All the benefits of High Frequency come with Lyco’s fluorescent batens. Commercial light fittings are available in such an incredible variety of models that the list seems endless but we must just mention Low Energy Wall Light or ceiling light if preferred. Its lovely glow effect is due to its double D low energy bulb and opal glass diffuser and so economical in operation too!

Commercial lighting lamps

This vast range of commercial light fittings needs a correspondingly extensive array of lamps to choose from. The leading types used in commercial lighting include fluorescent tubes T12, T8 and T5, in lengths to suit, usually between 2 feet and 6 feet, Double D and 2D lamps for round or rectangular fittings and GU10 and MR16 lamps for individual spots. GLS lamps and candle bulbs are ideal for decorative light fittings.

Obviously no shop fitter, electrician or other business owner can carry all this information around in their head. That’s what commercial lighting specialists, Lyco, are for. Your contractor can present them with the most unusual specifications and come away with exactly the right commercial light fittings for the particular project.

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